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Reasons Why Mr. Money Mustache Got A Divorce

Started by sfpf, December 04, 2018, 05:39:32 PM

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Hi guys. I read a lot of PF blogs and am always intrigued with how bloggers and readers really live. After reading the recent guest post on FS about the doctor who went through a difficult divorce and lost $1 million in the process (, I found out that Mr. Money Mustache also got a divorce and it's been about a year now.

Is this a surprise to you guys? It is a big surprise to me because MMM comes across as a guy who sells his lifestyle as an intentional one where he supposedly lives on less than $30K a year and is happy as a clam with all his wealth and financial freedom. But since he seems to actually make millions while telling people to be frugal, this seems strange.

Here are some of the reasons I've heard why MMM probably got a divorce:

1) Guilt and conflict. He actually spends a lot more money each year than he tells everyone, but in order to keep up with his image and cult of followers, he continues to say they live on little. Perhaps this created internal turmoil.

2) Money and fame. Pete actively seeks publicity by trying to get on TV and do media interviews as much as possible to make as much money as possible from his website and personality. If he was truly happy with his life and his finances, why would he try to seek so much attention and adoration? He would just live his life in peace.

3) People can simply grow apart after 18 years. As anybody who is married knows, people change over the years, especially after so long.

Have you heard anything else? It seems to me that money and fame doesn't buy happiness. And those who seek fame and want to create a "cult" following (he uses the term cult a lot) probably have some issues they have to deal with first. What do you think??


I have no idea and I don't want to judge another man's life, but I do agree that when you sell a lifestyle based on your own like it's relevant to readers if you get a divorce.


If it's been a year, I'm surprised he hasn't written about it or mentioned much of it yet. But, clearly, real people are involved and with children, it gets complicated and sensitive.

It has been very wise of him to focus on frugality and saving to grow his site and brand, because everybody can do that and not everybody wants to or can hustle to make extra money through investing, entrepreneurship, etc.

Who knows what goes on between two people. But to divorce while having kids still in the house is really tough. I've reflected on his divorce at year end since I'm also a dad. I suggest others do the same.



Maybe #1 is the exact opposite?  They have a ton of money but live frugally and wife had enough of that?


btw I posted this thread out of curiosity and because I've been dealing with frustrations regarding my own parents. They divorced largely due to money issues and each drive me crazy for their own reasons.