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Started by hoping2retire35, August 09, 2019, 06:32:00 AM

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Whether it is the gas guzzling 40ft Class A all the way down to the pop out tent of a motorcycling camping trailer, camping is clearly the cheaper option for travel; certainly regionally. Show us your low cost rig to view the world...

I'll post one over the weekend. Sorry.

Anywho, we have a pop up, weighs 2400lbs, great room for us and the 3 kids. Doesn't require a dually to pull it, easy to see above and around while towing, low cost, and gives a good sense of still 'camping' with the soft tent sides and screens.


Cool! How long have you had it? What are some of the places you've traveled to with it? My family never owned an RV. We just did the traditional road-trip, pack a tent and a sleeping bag route several times. One time we splurged and rented a cabin which was really fun. I like the idea of having an RV and not needing to be outdoors to sleep yet being able to enjoy plenty of time outdoors. But as a city dweller, I doubt I'll be purchasing an RV anytime soon. Maybe someday if I retire in Nevada or Arizona.


We have had it 6 years, but actually haven't taken that many trips; primarily due to poor or no tow vehicles.

Just to some nearby state parks, and Army Corps lake campgrounds. Nothing too far yet. By far most of our camping has been in the backyard on surprise warm winter nights when the kids and I were bored.

I tried to ramp up our travel/camping this summer but have been mostly blocked due to unforeseen circumstances.


Just some quick advice about purchasing RVs. Go a little smaller, and preferably used.

Smallness is the big place to save, I never cared to stay in the rv other than to sleep anyways, if you have kids they just need a bed or whatever to watch tv or read a book or someting while it rains. It is not like you can let the practice the Ninja Warrior moves. I personally love the pop up since I am the one driving while it is pulled ( it is just easier and not so worrisome).

I have several friends interested in an RV, whom I tell the same thing.