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Mortgage REITS vs REITS

Started by PandaAtlanta, November 19, 2018, 11:04:02 AM

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This thread discusses securities investments in mREITS and REITS. O, VNQ are examples of REITS with heavy exposure to retail which I believe is at risk in the years ahead. 


I see this thread hasn't seen much action but it's current to my investing.  I've had some 'O' for a couple of years and it's done real well, if the price dips I'd buy some more but since it's a bit spendy I've shopped around.  Yesterday I did a bit of higher risk Reit I bought some (PEI or PREIT) Pennsylvania Real Estate.  this stock cratered over the last couple of years but I'm hopeful that its on a comeback. Dividend is 11.4% right now. they have paid consecutive dividends since 1962, so they have  solid track.  I guess they had quite a few shopping centers with Sears as the flag but are down to only 2 now. They spent heavily on CAP projects last year but I think that's slowing down so the earnings may go up this year and hence the stock may.  The stock has been on an uptick so far this year.  My investment is modest right now but if it maintains I plan on throwing more cash at it. I'd be interested if anybody else knows about this REIT.