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Started by rtysmith, September 11, 2018, 06:03:24 PM

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Any one investing in Yieldstreet? (I am in several deals, looking to find other's experiences)


I'm in Yield Street as of 1-2 months ago. 
Just one $20,000 investment in some commercial real estate at 9%. Was surprised to see some interest in my account so quickly.
Not sure about the marine vessel deals. I'm a little Leary about that market, and the slow investment rate makes me think many others are too. Those seem to be taking 1-2 weeks to get fully filled.


I think the delay in the Marine deals is due to newness in the market place.

The other deals have been selling out in less then 30 seconds.


I am fairly new with YieldStreet and my limited experience is good so far.  I've been in 2 of the legal funds for just over a year and both seem to be performing well.  The 1 real estate investment is nearly paid in full and on schedule.  I'm still in the testing stage before I commit to any new investments but so far they are meeting expectations.

How is your experience?


Mine has been great with no issues, other then trying to get in deal for the 19 seconds they are open before being sold out.

total rate of 10.72% across 11 deals (range from 8-13% / 10-48 months).