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Help.. developing a liquidation plan

Started by CheepoBiker, January 22, 2019, 01:13:56 PM

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Hello All: New here,I left a brief intro, but in a nutshell I'm green when it comes to investing. My portfolio is handled by Vanguard and consists of 139k stocks/funds, 190k municipal bonds,40k in cd's. I have a pension and receive dividends..and live comfortably.  I'm 65 now,and will collect SS in 2020 when I'm 66.
             Sometime this year I want to liquidate the stock, paying as little tax as possible, and putting it somewhere safe, maybe CD's.
             The bonds, which Vanguard sort of monitors, but were initially purchased through Edward Jones- my previous broker- don't start maturing for another 4 years, but I do receive monies from them via Vanguard. I don't have any paperwork associated with these, and am clueless as to how I take responsibility for them once I terminate my relationship with Vanguard...The same goes with the CD's, of which one matures June 2019.
              Missouri taxes the heck out of every dollar you have, no matter how it's earned. I want to take control of my assets, pay as little as possible, stick it somewhere safe, prior to drawing SS. The more I "make" the more I pay for Medicare, taxes, etc.
               Hopefully your not as confused reading this as I was writing it, the communities advice is most appreciated..Happy Trails