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Investing in FundRise vs Physical Real Estate vs REITs and mREITS in NYSE

Started by PandaAtlanta, December 20, 2020, 02:42:48 PM

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Hey guys.. I am new to the crowd funding investment space and looking to do some research before investing. Fundrise's platform is intended for individuals interested in long-term investments so we need to keep our funds there for at least 5 years. This seems quite illiquid to me. Do you get the same tax write off benefits as physical real estate? For example, if you incur losses, are you able to off set that loss against your earned income?

Would like to get some feedback from investors who are invested in Fundrise and get their honest feedback of their experience thus far with this platform. What are pros and cons and pitfalls to watch out for? In my personal opinion real estate is not a very attractive investment without good leverage. If I don't use leverage, wouldn't a traditional REIT in the NYSE like "O" or "AGNC" that pays a month dividend be a better investment? I feel like you have more control of your money as mREITs and REITs as they are highly liquid. Any thoughts?

The benefits of owning physical real estate is more control, smart leveraging, depreciation, tax benefits, monthly cashflow, tenants paying down your mortgage. In some ways, I see good mortgage debt like a 401k plan, especially when rates are 3% for investment loans in today's market environment.

Between investing in FundRise vs Physical Real Estate vs REITs and mREITS in NYSE. Which is investment vehicle is the best in your opinion?

Fundrise pros and cons
Available to non-accredited investors
Low minimum account size requirements
Highly diversified investments
Great for passive investing

Investments are illiquid
Complex fee schedule
Not for short-term investments