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Why is this Forum Not Advertised or Highlighted on FS Homepage?

Started by RageCage, October 17, 2018, 08:05:38 AM

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Apologies if I missed the email that this is still beta or something but I would think Sam could direct a lot more traffic simply highlighting the resource on his page.  As I whittle the time away in my soul sucking corporate cubicle waiting for my FIRE date, it sure would be nice to have some more posts to read!  Just saying...   ;)


I noticed Sam included a link to a forum topic in one of his recent email newsletters. Beyond that, perhaps he's going for organic growth?


This is your chance to get your post count & street cred up before the masses find out about the forum :P


Hi guys. Thanks for reading and posting in the forum! The forum was introduced exclusively to Newsletter subscribers. This has helped keep the launch manageable operationally and we also wanted to give Newsletter subscribers the benefit of joining first and to build the forum community before "releasing it to the wild".  :)

In any case the forum will be announced on the blog soon!



He mentioned in his newsletter that this was an exclusive launch to those who were involved on the email list. He also stated he will be releasing it to the masses soon.
Very Respectfully,


 Hi folks, I just like to keep things small and intimate for the time being. But I'll make a public announcement shortly. So far, the spammers have been kept at bay so that's good.  I don't see any other bugs if you guys are aware of anything.

Update Nov 7, 2018: Highlighted the forum to everyone: