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Online Blog Course Creation

Started by Clint, October 31, 2018, 04:14:48 AM

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I have a quick question.  I'm working on designing a free online course for my blog and was wondering...

1.  Should I use a Post or a Page to host the course? <- I do not want to use teachable (even though it is awesome) because I want to keep creation cost very low.  I may integrate youtube videos into the course.

*Just for context the course is not going to be very long (think the length of "starting a blog" course from financial samurai for example)

Thoughts and input greatly appreciated.  Have a great day!


I don't have a direct answer but since I literally just started building my blog I am looking forward to your course. Some clarifications on hosting vs domain registering might be helpful to include.
For example:

  • I registered domain on namecheap and site is hosted on wordpress. I believe i'm supposed to have an email address included but I have no idea where you even access that.
  • I transferred the domain to wordpress from namecheap (whatever that sentence means) but I'm unclear on this obviously.
In short, I look forward to guidance from your eventual post :-)


@moontowermeta Those are some great questions.  I am not building a course on "how to start a blog" and was just using that as a reference...


To answer your question I'm going to direct you to pat flynn's build your own brand course.  There is a section in his course that I believe addresses your question directly.  His course if free btw but it probably is worth many times that.  It is what I used to start my site:)

Thanks for the input though as I may build a future course addressing common blogging/website building problems:)


Thanks Clint. Ahh, after re-reading your post your clarification wasn't necessary I just screwed up. But fortunate accident since I'll now check Flynn's materials. Again, thanks for the help. I'll be staying tuned to this thread, I am also interested to the responses to your questions