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Proof of Lending investment

Started by JonMD, July 02, 2019, 08:53:51 AM

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Has anyone heard of or had experience with "Proof of Lending" investments?

I came across this online about a year ago and cannot find much about it. I think a bank or financial institution will use your account balance of say, $1,000,000, and give their customers your account credentials to show as proof for lending/purchasing power to vendors in their industry. The customer will pay a "user fee" of 10% of the funds payable to the bank and the bank funds' owner (you). The catch being that the customer cannot use the account or withdraw anything from it, only "leasing" it for it's value and proof. They never actually own or have any rights to the account.

Anyways, just thought I would see if anyone heard of this or uses this?