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1031 Exchange Investments
« on: May 31, 2019, 09:19:27 AM »
Does anyone have experience with any of the funds/groups that specialize in 1031s?

Over the years, I had solely owned single family housing - while profitable was a major pain to manage so for the past 5 years my only real estate investments have been a few small LLPs that buy multi-family units and the Vanguard REIT. The LLPs have done well, averaging 8% dividends plus the depreciation. The first one has sold out after 4 years and had a 75%+ return which is great, but depreciation recapture and gains taxes were ugly, hence my research on 1031s.

I like the concept of 1031s (on paper) but I've heard some negative experiences that give me pause. Like any professionally managed venture, i understand the risks and importance of finding the right firm. So any experiences good or bad would be appreciated.