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RS finally notified investors today that the Dog Haus in Decatur, IL closed...even though it closed a month ago.

This is a Franchise Growth deal.
Today I inquired about a couple deals I haven't received January payments for.   FWIW, here are the cursory responses I received.

Church's Chicken, Westminster CO  RS had notified me a couple weeks ago saying the sponsor was in default and that they are attempting a negotiated settlement with the sponsor (Franchise Growth) instead of foreclosing.  In response to my request for an update this morning
An update in regards to this call is coming shortly.  We appreciate your patience

Camden Multifamily, Camden, SC In early March, the sponsor had claimed they had made a Jan payment and  RS claimed they hadn't received it!  Anyways, I asked again, and here was their response:
We will provide an update on the status and distributions of the property as soon as it becomes available from the sponsor. When notifications are posted in your dashboard, an email will also be sent to alert you. We appreciate your patience.

I have also pinged our Assset Managment team to ask if they can provide a new update

The compounding value of that money growing tax free cannot be understated.  Continue to max out 401k.  You can always figure out another way to exist on funds and work within a budget until 59.5 comes around.  Your future self will thank you when you are a multi-millionaire...
Here is my dilemma... I’m 32 years old and I’ve been making out my 401(k) for the past few years. My goal is financial freedom at a young age. If I can’t afford to max out 401(k) and sufficiently fund my after tax savings, which should I focus on? I’m starting to feel that putting so much money away for use at age 59.5 is no longer as important as saving after tax money to invest in passive income generating assets now to reach financial freedom sooner. Thoughts?
An update on my payments. I received notice of two payments on 2/25 that hit my account today 3/19. So effectively these payments took 22 days from posting on the site to reach my bank account. I received a notification on 2/28 of pending payments that have not hit my back account yet. Hopefully I'll see them this week.
Target date funds are usually good baselines and I use them to sanity check my taxable portfolio allocations. However, I tend to switch up the bond allocations: I would rather hold munis/treasuries in about a 2:1 ratio than hold US + international bonds, in our current yield + currency risk regime. The advantage with multiple funds instead of 1 is also that you can tax-loss harvest more effectively in taxable accounts.
Taxes / Re: Backdoor Roth - close Traditional IRA or leave with $0?
« Last post by Fat Tony on March 18, 2019, 11:08:42 PM »
Most places let you keep the traditional IRA open after conversion, you can call for details. Sometimes you write it on the paper forms, other times there's an option on an online form.
For my Simple IRA at Vanguard, the target date fund and the total stock market fund have a fee difference of .01.  It's negligible.  So I just use the target date fund on my retirement funds.

For my personal non-retirement brokerage accounts, I would not use a target date fund.  I'm also looking at switching over to the new Fidelity no-fee funds.

I also have a Vanguard target date fund, in my case it's my 401k.  This idea came to me when I got a new HSA provider and the investments were limited. I decided to model the HSA investments after the allocation in my target date fund. 
Taxes / Backdoor Roth - close Traditional IRA or leave with $0?
« Last post by LivingTheDream34 on March 18, 2019, 07:54:45 PM »

Do you have to close your Traditional IRA after you transfer it to a Roth IRA with a Backdoor Roth?  Or can I just leave it open with $0 left in it, so I can repeat it next year?

Has anyone received money on "333 Parnassus Avenue". On Mar-05, I received message on my dashboard stating:
"That's a wrap! RealtyShares is pleased to announce that the property has sold and your final payment should be distributed to you shortly.". But it has been over two weeks and I have not seen anything come to my bank. Don't understand why it should take that long

A couple of the investors on here stated that they have received their payout.  However, I have not myself.   In fact, my earning update on the RS site now says "failed" for 333 Parnassus.   It used to say "crediting", but I never got the money.

I have emailed them several times, and all I have gotten back so far are the generic template replies says they are working on it.  Lame.
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