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10 years to retirement need to switch thing up

Started by Czg, October 02, 2018, 04:56:43 PM

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My husband has 10 years till retirement, what should we doing with our money?

My husband has over 900k in his 401k. He's taken advantage of the recommendations of the plan for his retirement date.  The interest his money is getting is 2% ytd. Should we taking something with more risk?

We have 300k cash that we don't know what to do with, an 1,100 net monthly income from a condo we rent out and put away 3,500 monthly in savings

I have been looking at Realty Shares and have a call set up with them for next week. Should we even be thinking about that at this point?  Thanks for your input.


 How old is your husband and do you generate income? What is is in your after-tax investment amounts? Check out my latest post on this topic.



Is the 300k earning any interest?

Cash should be earning ~1.85%APR in a savings account or maybe laddered into CD's at 2.5%


Several questions that will make guidance clearer. 1. Do you want to leave money to someone or some charity or use it all up yourselves?
2. How much money do you need in retirement for what you spend money on now?  3. Do you have a will, or are you happy with what your State of Residence has set up if you or your spouse die without one?  How long do you need the money you have saved to last?  Do you have insurance that will step in if you need (expensive) care or will that have to come out of your assets?

From how you are invested you are not comfortable taking risk , which is fine.  Making sure you keep risk at a comfortable level and having enough to live on for as long as you both live is important.