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A LOT of questions--all at once.

Started by Cornbread, October 21, 2018, 04:50:40 AM

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I have a few questions and hopefully some of you have time to answer them.

From what I understand Sam says no more than 20% of investments in real estate funds like Fundrise. I had the feeling at first that Sam (hi Sam!) just had Realty Shares-Heartland and hardly anything else.  I don't quite meet the "accredited investor" yet- so Realty Shares is out for now. Does the HEARTLAND selection he recommends also refer to Fundrise? I just choose "Heartland Reit" on Fundrise and invest in that? I took the Wealthfront "test" a lot of ways and it still tells me to buy 35% in municipal bonds--so I said forget it. I guess at 72 years old--that's their answer.
I have no intention of paying Personal Capital over $6000 a year to invest for me. I have no desire for Betterment to invest in solely Vanguard funds. I do not care to invest 30% of my funds in Internatial markets as broker recommends.

1. Invest 20% in "Fundrise Heartland REIT"---correct?
2. Only invest 20% of my funds in it---correct?
3. When viewing "appreciation per quarter" on Fundrise Heartland reits for 2018---why does it show ZERO for appreciation per quarter? ( yes I am that ignorant)

Thank all of you wonderful souls for any answers. I know I am wanting to invest like you do---THEN LEARN. I know it's backwards. Just bear with me.