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Started by MilBruh, April 21, 2019, 11:56:15 AM

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Greetings all,

I recently turned 32 years old. I'm active duty military and have a little less than 10 years time in that capacity.

Net worth: $711k
Salary: ~$96k annual (a good chunk is tax free, and right now it works out to about ~$7k/month)

Expenses: Rent ~$950/month with utilities included + about $450 a month for food, car insurance, misc.

My problem is a big chunk of my net worth is in cash - I have always been decent at saving via frugality, but never invested much. I also lucked into some low-cost living configurations in the past, allowing me to minimize expenses. I realize I missed a lot of growth over the last several years given what has happened with the stock market.  I have about $144k in the TSP G fund, and while I have saved about $90k in my Roth IRA only about $19k is in the Vanguard REIT fund.

My issue is doing something with this cash I have - I keep reading the market is at a high right now, so maybe it's not a good time to dive into equities. I guess buying a house could be an option, but given I move around every 2-3 years it seems like the transaction costs would eat into any growth.  I have moved 5 times since finishing college and lived overseas for 2 years - also had some long term work trips thrown in.  I am single with no immediate prospects where I currently live and few social ties.  I would like to shoot for a secure retirement after I can hopefully do ten more years in the military. Any advice with what I should do with my accumulated capital now? - dollar cost average into various funds, lump sum into various funds, sit on the cash? Thank you.