Author Topic: How has the current market environment effected your Crowdfunding Investments?  (Read 7687 times)


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I own real properties for my investments and so far values and rent has been pretty stable. However as I look at the mReits and Brick and mortar REITS like O, AGNC, and NLY, they are getting killed. I was wondering how the investors in the Crowding Real Estate platform are currently doing with their investments?



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I realize this post was a few months ago but still relevant. How are your positions doing now?

here is a breakdown on some crowd funding platforms I am in:

YieldStreet - 1 of 1 project in default

PeerStreet - 2 of 6 projects currently late

Fundrise - still paying dividends, but value depreciating a bit nothing major

Crowd Street - seems ok for now

Estate Guru (Europe) - 1 of 21 projects late, everything else is good
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My stats across 9 investments:

1 (hotel) in trouble, no payment since April, this was my longest and most consistent performer until the covid hit.
3 with deferred or reduced distributions to save cash, 2 of them were 4-5 year holds, so I'm not worried, the third was supposed to be 1 year into a 3 year hold and it will likely be a longer hold or sell at a lost if they can't turn around.
3 still making regular distributions with minor effects from covid
2 (industrial properties) exited early (this was unexpected, but at least it was a profit of around 14% IRR after ~1 year of investing in them).