Author Topic: When a RE loan goes bad...  (Read 7994 times)


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When a RE loan goes bad...
« on: September 20, 2018, 05:36:26 AM »
I have a sizable portfolio with LendingHome (LH), and with so many investments, even though I only invest in A - C, they still occasionally go bad.
The reason I love Hard Money type lending is the asset behind the loan, in this example, I invested $2,500 in an 8.55% loan. In 12 months, it made 6 payments and missed 6 payments, the last payment being from the foreclosure sale. see:

On the $2500 invested, I lost $0.71 in principal and made 307.90 in interest, making my effective APR ~10 (which seems crazy that a loan that fails to perform provides better then one that finished, so if I'm off in my thinking here please let me know).

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Re: When a RE loan goes bad...
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Curious as to what is the longest term they offer for financing. As when you invest in them what do they offer a buyer ?