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How To Engineer Your Layoff

“Spent $48, made $28,500 in severance. Not a bad trade!” – Laura (HTEYL reader)

If you don’t want to burn bridges, never quit your job. Quitting is the coward’s way out and also the unprofitable way out. I’m here to teach you how to negotiate a severance package so you can do what you really want to do without leaving your bosses and colleagues high and dry.

What if you could take a six month break and travel the world for free?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to spend more time watching your kids grow up?

Wouldn’t it be great to connect more with your aging parents?

How awesome would it be if your employer provided free startup capital to launch the business of your dreams?

Imagine never having to set an alarm clock on Sunday night because Mondays are just like Saturdays! 

Imagine not looking back on your life filled with regret about the things you didn’t do. 

Imagine being happy and stress-free once again. 

How To Engineer Your Layoff enables you to live a more meaningful life as it teaches you how to profitably quit your job with money in your pocket. As a manager at a large corporation for the last five years, I share with you my insights on how to better negotiate your severance.

Every year that goes by is one less year you have to live. Don’t waste it on doing things that provide little meaning. You will be empowered with important employment knowledge that shockingly few employees understand. You’ll learn how to build the right relationships at your firm to negotiate the best severance package possible. The book will also help squash any guilt you have for leaving your colleagues, managers, and friends behind in this economy. How To Engineer Your Layoff will empower you to change your life for the better.

Never quit, get laid. If you quit or get fired, know that you are not eligible for any remuneration from your employer. They won’t give you paid health care benefits (COBRA) nor will you be able to participate in your state’s Worker Adjustment Retraining Notification (WARN) program which typically pays two to three months of salary on average. Furthermore, quitting your job makes it difficult for you to receive unemployment benefits because the logic is that if you quit, you didn’t need the money! Maximum unemployment benefits a week range from $450-$500 for 26 weeks paid out by the State, and potentially up to another 50 weeks by the federal government depending legislation.

Success stories keep rolling in. In October 2012, after five years of working at her stressful corporate job in finance, Nancy was able to negotiate three months of severance plus six months of health care to reclaim her health and spend time with her family. After three years of working at a consumer product company, Jason was able to also negotiate three months of severance plus one year of COBRA to go travel the world this coming winter!  Finally, one client even walked away with a severance package of well over $100,000 and is now working for another competitor effectively earning double the income! My book goes into detail of five people who successfully engineered their layoffs.

Everybody eventually moves on. Unless you plan on working until death, you will eventually quit, retire, or change occupations. It is important to know your company’s retirement policy (pension, early retirement age where you can quit and have benefits, etc) so that you know your worst case scenario backstop. If you want to take matters into your own hands like I did and leave sooner, then you should read How To Engineer Your Layoff. It’s all about arming yourself with knowledge to level the playing field with your employer and say good-bye on YOUR terms!

Applicable to everyone and not only Americans. How To Engineer Your Layoff transcends state and country labor rules because it is a book about negotiations and building the right relationships. Every single employee has a manager and  a legal/compliance/HR department they must deal with to get laid off. The desire for performance, harmony, and collaboration are similar across all organizations. I highlight the main concerns companies have for letting people go and why companies will gladly pay you benefits upon your departure if you show you understand their concerns.


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Time and dedication. My new book is a step-by-step guide gives you the framework and the guts to navigate the sensitive process of severance negotiation to find new meaning in your life. The book has taken me two years to write due to the immense amount of time researching the process, testing the framework, advising multiple candidates, and implementing my own layoff. I have interviewed dozens of candidates who have successfully negotiated or received a nice severance package and implementing all the crucial nuggets of information in my book. Way too many people put in their two weeks notice and quit, leaving potentially thousands of dollars on the table to the employer’s delight.

Do not be like these people. One acquaintance quit his job only to discover his entire staff got let go with two weeks of severance per year worked a week later! Not only that, this person wasn’t eligible for unemployment valued at $21,600 a year here in California and missed out on 12 months worth of health care by his existing firm! Although he knew his company was in trouble, he became impatient. If he had read my book, he would have learned how to carefully craft a plan to not only stick it out for the layoff round, but probably negotiate an even better severance package!

Another friend insisted she quit her job as the honorable way to go, despite my advice to negotiate instead. She couldn’t wait to get started on her entrepreneurial activities and felt confident she would succeed in the enormously competitive field of internet marketing. 10 months later, she admitted to have plowed through her entire life savings of $35,000 and her $10,000 emergency fund due to an unforeseen illness. Not only that, her startup got t-boned by an exogenous variable that reduced her operating income by over 50%! If she had engineered her layoff after five years with her employer, she would have likely got at least six months of total compensation as severance, and health insurance to pay 80% of her medical costs. Empower yourself dear friends!

My personal story. I offer never revealed insights into my own work experience, reasons for why I saved so aggressively, and my personal strategies on how I profitably engineered my own layoff. I didn’t want to look back on my life knowing that I didn’t give entrepreneurship a shot. I’ve always wanted to start a company of my own since college, but got immediately sucked up in the corporate world. Here is a video by Jeff Bezos, Founder of which embodies my thoughts:

Thanks to the framework laid out in my book, I managed to negotiate six years of current living expenses. An important point of negotiation was not losing three years of deferred compensation. It’s important to focus on the number of months or years your separation package covers because everybody’s living costs and savings habits are different. Put it another way, my separation package saved six years of my working life!

Every severance package will be different depending on one’s negotiating skills, existing income, and duration of employment. However, any severance package is better than no severance package just like any layoff is better than any firing or quitting due to unemployment benefits. My book will prepare you for one of the most stressful, yet potentially most exciting times of your life!

What’s Included:

* 16 Detailed Chapters With Recaps Of Key Points

* Separation Agreement Negotiation Tips

* Negotiating A Severance Package When You’ve Got Another Job Lined Up

* Helpful Insights On Your Employment Rights

* Reasons Why You Should Engineer Your Layoff

* Reasons Why You Should Not Engineer Your Layoff

* Case Studies Of People Who’ve Succeeded In Getting Paid To Leave

* Why And How I Engineered My Own Layoff

* A Framework On How To Develop Multiple Income Streams

* Advice On Life After Separating From Your Day Job

* A Worksheet To Determine Whether You’re Ready

* 37,000+ words, 100 pages


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If You Buy The Book:

* You have the chance to gain access to the Financial Samurai platform to publish your story about how the book helped you leave your job and promote what you are doing now e.g. new career, start-up, family etc.  Your story will be first reviewed and edited before being published for quality control purposes. FS has roughly 700,000 unique visitors and 1,000,000 page views a month.

* You will receive a $200 discount for a three hour FS Online Consulting session where I will help you engineer your own layoff, get on the online map, or work to improve your personal finances. My current hourly consulting rate is $600 an hour for those who want to go ala carte. These two benefits have a combined value of well over $1,000 dollars.

* The book can now be yours for the introductory price of $48 for the year 2014 compared to the retail price of $88. What’s greater? $1,000 in benefits or $48? How about $20,000 in annual unemployment benefits or $48? What about thousands of dollars in severance or $48? What is the price of freedom? The choice is clear.

Who Is Sam Dogen And Why Should You Listen?

* Sam Dogen worked in finance for 13 years, received his MBA from UC Berkeley, started the largest personal finance network on the web (Yakezie Network), and launched Financial Samurai in 2009, which receives over 900,000 page views a month.

* Sam ran a multi-million dollar business where he actively participated in the recruitment and retrenchment process. Sam has interviewed hundreds of candidates and was a manager for the last five years of his career.

* By the age of 28, Sam became a millionaire and was a multi-millionaire by the time he engineered his layoff in 2012 at 35.

* Given Sam is financially independent, he is less influenced by money. He is also beholden to no one. As a result, Sam provides more unbiased, edgy, straight from the gut views on personal finance.

* Financial Samurai has been featured in the world’s leading publications such as The LA Times, Bloomberg, The Sydney Herald, The Wall Street Journal, The Consumerist, and Business Insider.

* Sam is now a full-time writer and lives in San Francisco when he is not in Hawaii, Lake Tahoe, or sitting on a cruise ship somewhere in the middle of the ocean.

* To learn more about Sam’s personal story of where he first worked, his journey to San Francisco, and why he left his job, please see Chapter 13!

Financial Samurai As Seen InTestimonials From Readers

If your book was printed on lead plates, it would still be worth its weight in gold.” – JB

How To Engineer Your Layoff helped me get out of an unbearable work situation.  My company was losing money, moral was very low, and my boss was like Jekyl & Hyde! Not only am I now much happier working at a new startup, I was able to take six months off and not have to worry about anything financially due to my severance package.” – Encore Career

When I was in college, I wanted to be a violinist and music teacher. When I graduated from college, I became an administrative assistant instead. It was a thankless job that became more unrewarding when I was promoted to sell the company’s software. Thanks to Sam’s book, I managed to negotiate a severance package worth roughly ten months of living expenses! I’m now a violin teacher and couldn’t be happier!” – Musician

I was just about to quit my job before I stumbled across HTYEL. Thank God I didn’t quit!  Thanks to Sam’s guidelines, I was able to get laid off in the last round of employee reductions. I received six months of health care insurance, two months of salary, plus another three months of severance.  I’m now off to explore North Africa with my girlfriend who is a teacher during summer vacation!” – Traveler

Finally, a book that teaches us how to break free from the corporate grind and make money in the process! I’ve been working at my job for over 15 years and was becoming a zombie. I no longer had the motivation to do anything beyond what I was supposed to do. I’ve saved up a good amount and How To Engineer Your Layoff was just the right push I needed to finally take a break and not feel guilty!” – On Sabbatical

“Spent $48, made $28,500 in severance. Not a bad trade!” – Laura

After the birth of my baby girl, I just couldn’t stand leaving her all day at home with the nanny while mommy went to work. I have an MBA and thought I wanted to work all my life.  HTEYL gave me the impetus to negotiate a mutually beneficial separation package without burning any bridges.”  – New Mom

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Relevant Articles I’ve Written On Leaving Your Job

The following four articles give you a flavor of what’s in my book. There is a lot to learn about profitably quitting your job. Besides money, the most important reason I see for buying my book is taking control of your life. I didn’t want to come to work one day and be walked out the door with a cardboard box. That would be depressing. Instead, I wanted to leave on my own accord, and I have not regretted it since!

* When A Severance Package Is Not A Severance Package

* No Unemployment Benefits For You If You Quit Your Job

* What Should I Do Before Quitting My Job? 15 Things To Consider

Available In Multiple eBook Formats

How To Engineer Your Layoff is available in 3 different eBook formats: PDF, EPUB, and MOBI. All versions include the exact same text and a clickable Table Of Contents that makes it easy to jump to any section in the book.

Unsure of which version to buy? PDF is the most popular version and my top recommendation. It is visually the most similar to reading a physical book and is supported by the widest array of platforms.  If you plan to read the eBook on your computer this is your best option, and PDF is supported by both Windows and Mac.  PDF can also be opened on many mobile devices and e-Readers.

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Engineering your layoff takes time and planning. There is no magic bullet. If you do not plan to read the book thoroughly, and utilize the framework over a 3-6 month period minimum, this book is not for you. On the other hand, if you are serious about your future and implementing my advice, then you have absolutely come to the right place. If you are planning to quit your job anyway, I’m confident that my book can only help you provide the best transition possible.

Success takes action. Once you are armed with knowledge, everything becomes that much easier.


Sam Dogen


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