What Are The Benefits Of Being Asian Or Asian-American?

The benefits of being Asian-American

Let's go through the benefits of being Asian or Asian-American. As a Chinese-American, I’m so glad to be Chinese and have Chinese heritage.

To be able to understand two languages and two cultures well, and face such a massive demand curve for my business is a blessing. In fact, I'm sending my kids to Mandarin immersion preschool as well.

After all, around 1.35 billion people speak a form of Chinese. And another 1.1 billion people speak English in the world.

There are so many benefits of being Asian or Asian-American, it's kind of absurd. One of the main things is how high Asian-Americans score in school.

Asians do so well in school that Harvard had to make up some fake discriminatory variables to score Asians lower so as to not flood the school with majority Asians like Cal Tech, UCLA, and Berkeley given how well Asians do in academics.

Below are all the benefits of being Asian or Asian-American.

Other Benefits Of Being Asian Or Asian-American

  • It’s easier to connect and build relationships with more people because there are a lot of Chinese people everywhere you go.
  • Your income and wealth tend to be higher in America if you are Chinese. See: Your Chances Of Becoming A Millionaire By Race, Age, And Education
  • You might even have smarter genes. After all, what else explains the over representation of Asian people and some of the best universities in America? It can’t all be due to work ethic and family values.
  • Due to the over representation of Asian people in universities, technology, finance, law, and medical fields, people might think you are automatically smart even if you are dumb as a doorknob. The stereotype probably helped me grow FinancialSamurai.com into a site that allows both my wife and I the ability to stay at home and take care of our son.
  • You might be less of a target for American harassment when you are traveling abroad. Everybody will just assume you’re from China or from another Asian country.
  • It’s amazing to dream in a different language. Just imagine the most exciting dreams times two as your mind goes wild.
Income by race in America

Whatever your race or ethnic city, cherish it! There is so much heritage and culture for you to discover. Don’t be like most Americans who only speak English and who never explore the world. Life is so much better when you can own who you are!

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