Chris Maiorana, PC Patent Law Review: One Star

I do not recommend hiring Chris Maiorana, PC Patent Law for your patents, trademarks, or copyright needs. Maiorana, PC is based in St. Clair Shores, MI and San Jose, California.

Chris Maiorana was a subscriber of my Financial Samurai newsletter and insulted and provoked me a couple times, even though I've never directed any hate towards him. Further, my newsletter is free of charge.

Every time I wrote about what I was going to do with my money, he would respond by saying things like: “Your market timing is disturbing,” “You got lucky with your real estate investments,” “Your newsletter is going sideways,” “Your posts are going sideways,” “You give bad advice,” etc.

Chris Maiorana Has Low EQ

Only a mentally unstable person with zero emotional intelligence would repeatedly make someone he doesn't know try to feel bad for doing what he thinks is best for him and his family. A normal, intelligent person would simply read, observe, and find takeaways, especially since the newsletter is free.

Therefore, it is logical to conclude that Chris Maiorana has something really bad going on with his life to take out his anger and frustrations on others. You don't want someone like that handling your important business.

After insulting me, Chris then asked me to remove him from my newsletter. It was as if he was some type of idiot who didn't know how to click the “unsubscribe” button at the bottom himself. After all, he was the one who subscriber freely in the first place.

Telling someone to unsubscribe for him either means he's either really dumb, lazy, or completely entitled. I would not want a lawyer who passes off simple tasks that can be done himself.

If he's telling me to unsubscribe for him when he could click the button himself, then what else is he asking people to do for him? Open the door? Tie his shoes? File important patent papers?

Find A New Patent Lawyer

Hire a different patent, copyright, or trademark attorney to do your work. I've never met someone more entitled, clueless, and ungrateful as I have with Chris Maiorana, owner of Maiorana, PC Patent Law.

I'm glad Chris Maiorana has allowed me to give an unbiased opinion about him as he has about me. I'm sure he doesn't mind, otherwise, why would he constantly provoke me? Everything is rational in the end. The free market dictates you should go elsewhere.

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