Cutie Baby: A Samurai Lullaby

Cutie Baby

Cutie baby
Mama's here for you
Cutie baby
Is there anything Papa can do?
Cutie baby
You look so sweet tonight
Dream away baby
Everything's gonna be alright
Little dragon baby
Grow up to be so mighty
Cutie baby
Everything's gonna be alrighty

Cutie baby
Papa's here for you
Cutie baby
Is there anything Mama can do?
Cutie baby
We're so blessed to have you
Yawn away baby
We'll always be there for you
Little muffin baby
Is there anything more we can do?
Cutie baby
You've made our dreams come true

Sweet dreams little one

Customize With Your Child's Name

Cutie Baby is a lullaby constructed in a way where you can use your little one's name in the lyrics. All you've got to do is replace the word “Cutie” with a different name and you're good to go. If your little one's name is long, or doesn't rhyme why baby, that's OK. All you've got to truncate the name and add an “a” or a “y” so it does.

For example: David becomes Davy. William becomes Billy. Katrina becomes Katey. Susan becomes Susy. Samuel become Sammy etc.

If you are a gay couple or a single parent, you can simply change the lyrics of “mama” and “papa.” The song is meant to be inclusive of all parents.

Cutie Baby Sheet Music

A Samurai Lullaby Sheet Music - Cutie Baby

I wrote this song when my son was a couple months old. When it was my turn to take the night/morning shift, all I could do was think to myself while he slept for 1-2 hours at a time. The lyrics reflect my fears, my hopes, and my appreciation as a newborn dad.

I hope this lullaby will soothe your baby and let him or her more easily fall asleep. All your baby wants is to hear your lovely voice and feel safe.

Usage Inquiries: For those interested in using Cutie Baby for a commercial, TV show, movie, podcast, blog post, or any sort of production, please contact “financialsamurai AT gmail DOT com” with the title “Cutie Baby.” Cutie Baby copyright registration number is SR0000800220.

Any royalties received from Cutie Baby will be used to support children and adults with visual impairments such as nystagmus (involuntary movement of the eyes), ocular albinism (a lack of pigment in the retina), strabismus (misalignment of the eyes), and more.

Concert Pianist Reader Version!

One day while I was trying to sing my son to sleep, I remembered a long-time FS reader, Charlie Albright was a concert pianist. So I reached out to Charlie to ask whether he could do an improvisation with his genius mind, and he said yes!

The very next morning, he sent me this. Check out his amazing rendition!

Reader Versions

I'd love to have more readers record and e-mail me you versions of my song. It would be a great honor. My e-mail is financialsamurai AT gmail DOT com.

RC, a mother of one from San Francisco:

Autumn Harrier, a mother of two from the Midwest:

DeForest, a father who loves to play the piano:

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