From VC To Creating Your Own Startup With Emily Luk Of Plenty

In this Financial Samurai episode, I talk to Emily Luk, CEO of Plenty, about her journey from venture capital to joining a big startup, and ultimately, creating her own company. Plenty is a new fintech company that helps modern couples jointly manage their finances.

Having lived in San Francisco since 2001, I've encountered many people who've joined startups—some achieving great success, while others not so much. I've always been curious about the mindset of those who take the leap to join startups and, even more so, those who have the courage to create their own.

After retiring from finance in 2012, I got a taste of startup life by consulting part-time from 2013-2015 for a Series B company, which provided me with a 3X return on my options. I also consulted for Plenty for four months in 2023-2024 to help build their content. It's an exciting world full of motivated people looking to create something better for the world.

Ultimately, I decided against building a startup with venture capital financing to potentially make it big someday. I was burned out from a 13-year career in finance and wanted to take things easier. So instead, I've been running Financial Samurai as a lifestyle business without pressure since 2009.

Podcast On Joining Startups And Creating Your Own

If you're interested in joining a startup, Emily has some wise advice for you on what to consider before you take the plunge. The key is to put on your financial analyst hat before you join one. If you're not willing to invest in the particular startup, then you have no business joining one.

In addition, Emily believes it's important to always keep on learning. The knowledge and experience you gain when you're working at a smaller company might give you the confidence to start your own one day.

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