An Interview With Emily Luk, CEO of Plenty About Modern Couples

In this Financial Samurai podcast episode, I interview Emily Luk, CEO and Co-Founder of Plenty, a wealth management platform built specifically for today's modern couple.

Plenty plans to launch their product by April 1, 2024. They are currently accepting members for their waiting list.

An Interview With Emily Luk, CEO of Plenty About Modern Couples
Emily Luk, CEO and Co-Founder of Plenty

In the interview we discuss:

  • The definition of a modern couple
  • What challenges modern couples face today compared to in the past
  • How to manage a successful dual-career couple
  • Financial infidelity and increased financial transparency between couples
  • The cost of fertility treatments and financial planning
  • Why is it so hard to meet people nowadays
  • How Plenty helps couples improve their finances

About Plenty

Plenty empowers modern couples to seamlessly manage their finances together. In an age where dual-income households are the norm and financial choices are increasingly collaborative, Plenty created the first all-in-one money management platform tailored specifically for today's partners.

Co-founders Emily Luk and Channing Allen met while working together at Even, which was acquired by One in 2022. They got engaged to each other in late 2021, and got the idea for Plenty as they looked for products to help them plan their finances together.

To keep up to date about couples finances, you can sign up for the free Plenty newsletter and check out the Plenty blog.

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Since 2019, over 100 million people have visited this site. Sign up for the free Financial Samurai newsletter if you want to achieve financial freedom sooner, rather than later. I'm considering consulting with Plenty this year and will make my decision before the end of March 2024. Plenty is based in San Francisco.