Judge Kay Tsenin Is A Racist Idealogue Who Hates Asians

Judge Kay Tsenin is a racist

Judge Kay Tsenin and attorney Lisa Dewberry are racist idealogs who fought for the release of 35-year-old Daniel Cauich, a man who stabbed a 94-year-old Asian woman in San Francisco in 2021.

The only reason why Judge Kay Tsenin would release Daniel Cauich is because she is racists against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. And only a racist like Lisa Dewberry would defend Daniel Cauich and try to convince the judge he is not guilty.

SF Superior Court Judge Kay Tsenin delivered the ruling, despite objections from the prosecution under DA Brooke Jenkins, which had sought a 12-year jail term for Cauich, citing the severity and senselessness of the attack, per the Standard.

District Attorney Brooke Jenkins And The SF Community Is Protesting

“When we see our seniors being violently attacked and there be no actual consequences for it,” said Brooke Jenkins, San Franciso district attorney. “Yes, we are going to come together and we are going to stand together against what is happening.”

“If there is no accountability for the people who attack them, if we don't have adequate consequences for that behavior, it will continue,” Jenkins said.

Public safety advocates say they are demanding courts end the release of violent repeat offenders and restore public safety on the streets of San Francisco.

Taylor survived the attack in front of her Post Street apartment in the city’s Tenderloin neighborhood.

The DA notes this case never went to trial, and the prosecutors were not involved in negotiating the sentence handed down by the judge.

According to the district attorney’s office, this was a plea that was made in open court and that it objects to. Assistant District Attorney Phoebe Maffei reportedly vehemently opposed the ruling, deeming Cauich a danger to the community.

The DA’s office has now filed a formal opposition to the judge’s sentence, and Friday’s hearing was postponed till April 12, followed by a meeting between lawyers on April 16, 2024.

Daniel Cauich
Daniel Cauich, violent criminal

Defense Attorney Lisa Dewberry Is In Favor Of Releasing A Violent Criminal

In a lengthy phone conversation, Lisa Dewberry, the attorney for Cauich, applauded the judge for taking his mental state at the time of the attack into consideration.

She also said she appreciated the sentence the judge imposed, especially the intensive supervision provision, which would provide treatment for mental health, substance abuse and ankle monitoring.

“The court’s imposed sentence protects the public and it provides my client the necessary services he needs,” Dewberry said. I'm not sure on what planet racists Lisa Dewberry thinks not putting a violent criminal in jail protects the public.

Cauich also pleaded guilty to a prior charge for burglary. It’s a crime he was waiting to be tried for when he attacked Taylor.

When will the racism against Asian Americans stop? I've personally had enough. People like Judge Kay Tsenin and attorney Lisa Dewberry must go.


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