Judge Marisa Chun Needs To Be Recalled For Releasing Violent Criminals

San Francisco Superior Court Judge Marisa Chun decided Friday, December 2, 2022, to put 20-year-old Gustavo Ribeiro-Quintanilha—who’s accused of holding an 88-year-old Asian woman at gunpoint during a home invasion and robbery in Ingleside—on house arrest with electronic monitoring.

In other words, Judge Marisa Chun is releasing Gustavo Ribeiro-Quintanilha, who walked into a person's home with a gun! Breaking and entering with an illegal firearm is a dangerous crime.

Gustavo Ribeiro-Quintanilha should GO TO JAIL. Judge Marisa Chun should be recalled, fired, and never be allowed to serve again for letting a violent criminal go.

Gustavo Ribeiro-Quintanilha Should Be Incarcerated

The SF Standard writes,

In arguing for Ribeiro-Quintanilha to stay in jail on Monday, Nancy Tung, the chief of the Vulnerable Victims Unit at the District Attorney’s Office, said he’s a danger to the public because he used guns and has a rap sheet with multiple offenses in San Francisco and San Mateo counties. 

Releasing him would put others at risk of “great bodily injury,” Tung said. 

However, Judge Chun, who jailed Ribeiro-Quintanilha after his arrest in October, said he has “now been assessed,” and that new information suggests he’s suitable for supervised release.

Other factors that weighed into the judge’s decision included the suspect’s young age, family support, a short criminal history and how he didn’t physically hurt anyone during the alleged crime, which took place in April. Even so, Judge Chun admonished him to stay away from people who’d be a “bad influence.”

According to the police report, two suspects broke into the octogenarian’s home and “forced her into her bathroom at gunpoint” while they rummaged through her belongings. The victim’s daughter told KPIX the ordeal reduced the victim to tears and terrified her whole family.

Recall Judge Marisa Chu

Just imagine if you or a loved one got burglarized by gun point. You would want the person punished. There is no way you or anybody else would feel safe if Gustavo Ribeiro-Quintanilha was roaming the streets at night.

Clearly, Gustavo Ribeiro-Quintanilha's parents are not aware of what he is up to. This is one of the biggest costs of having children and not being a responsible parent. By not responsibly taking care of your kids and teaching them right from wrong, they end up terrorizing and harming other people.

Judge Marisa Chu needs to be recalled and fired from her job. It is crazy she cannot empathize with the victims and other people who've been victimized by armed robbery.

What Judge Marisa Chu doesn't realize is that many robbers are now going to target her and her home for theft. Given robbers know Judge Marisa Chu lets armed robbers off easily, they will logically try to rob her home and terrorize her family.

It is very easy for robbers to find out Judge Marisa Chu's home address. She and her neighbors should be worried.