Nazli Ghafouri, MD Review At CPMC

We took our young old son to the emergency room at CPMC because he had vomited multiple times since 1am. He also was experiencing diarrhea and we were very worried first-time parents.

My wife called the nurse multiple times, and she said if he bottomed out and vomited one more time after a certain time to come on in so we did.

When we got there, we were greeted by an extremely rude Dr. Nazli Ghoufari who asked us what was going on. When my wife told her about what the nurse advised, she SCOFFED at her.

We were already worried. The last thing we wanted was a condescending doctor making us feel bad for taking our poor boy to the ER.

As we got set up in the small room, I stepped outside to the next room to give Nazli and a nurse to do their work. I wanted to get out of the way because there were already four of them inside and the room wasn't very small.

When Nazli went out of the room and came back in, she saw me sitting in the room next door and gave me the evil eye! WTF!?! She then said “Daddy get over here and hold your boy down.”

She could have said something like, “Dad, could you come over and help out?” But instead, she scolded me for not being in the room as well.

I was under the assumption that taking my boy's temperature and heartbeat was their job, and that my wife was more than capable to comfort him. So I went in.

After settling my son, I went outside to go to the restroom. There I overheard her talking smack about our son to her co-workers saying, “We had another baby who cried a lot, but not as bad as this one.”

What kind of doctor complains about their patient and shows no empathy? Nazli Ghoufari has THE WORST BEDSIDE MANNERS we have ever come across. She should be reprimanded for the way she treats patients. It is clear she doesn't want to be a doctor.

It is shocking that she is a pediatric emergency doctor. It's as if she doesn't have kids of her own and doesn't know how to relate to little ones who are suffering. She really doesn't have any sympathy for toddlers who are in pain.

Nazli Ghafouri 1 Out Of 5 Stars

Nazli Ghafouri MD reviiew: a terrible pediatric emergency doctor

Nazli Ghafouri, MD gets a 1 out of 5 stars. She received her medical degree from St. George's University School of Medicine, which I have never heard of before.

I don't understand why doctors can't show more kindness and empathy towards patients who are in pain, and to parents who are doing everything possible to help their child feel better.

We do want to give a shoutout to the male nurse who administered the anti-nausea medicine. He was incredibly kind and professional. Thank you!

But to anybody who has to deal with Nazli Ghafouri, I'm sorry. Ask for another doctor or just ask her to be kind.

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