Empower Retirement Paycheck Feature Review

Empower Personal Dashboard is the #1 free financial tool online to track your net worth, analyze your investments, and plan for retirement. It lets you see all of your financial accounts in one place securely and conveniently. This is the Empower Retirement Paycheck review, formerly known as the Personal Capital Retirement Paycheck feature.

Empower's Retirement Planner tool is by far the best retirement calculator today because they use your real expenses and income to run hundreds of Monte Carlo simulations to forecast your retirement cash flow.

Here are some screenshots of the Empower Retirement Planner at work.

Cash flow statement for private grade school budget

Your ultimate goal is reach “very good shape” or “excellent” shape where the cash flow of your projected portfolio value covers 100% or more of you desired retirement spending needs..

Below, you will see that this person's portfolio has a 99% chance of covering their $11,667 monthly retirement spending by a wide margin.

Personal Capital Retirement Planner Tool

About Empower Retirement Paycheck

Retirement Paycheck is a service that provides clarity on which accounts you should use to provide your retirement income and in which order to minimize taxes. For example, it could help you determine if you should withdraw funds from a taxable investment account ahead of an IRA account. It can be a valuable addition to your retirement planning strategy.

Empower Retirement Paycheck is available to clients who are part of Empower Wealth Management. You provide a few financial data points, your expected retirement spending goals, and your state of residence, and Empower will let you know the optimum account sequence to begin taking distributions from during retirement.

Empower Retirement Paycheck maps out your various recommended income sources. This includes expected dividends and any portfolio withdrawals you’ll need to reach your after-tax retirement spending goals. It will show not only the withdrawals, but also provide you with estimates of the taxes that will be due as a result.

Your projected income will be compared to your spending line, and when required minimum distributions begin, the service will layer them on top. It will even advise you if either a Roth conversion or tax gain harvesting will make sense.

Empower Personal Capital Retirement Paycheck

A built-in advantage of Empower Retirement Paycheck is the financial aggregator capability. Since all your financial activity will run through the platform, Empower Personal Dashboard will have an accurate assessment of your spending habits.

In that way, the spending projections in retirement will be based on your actual spending history, not vague estimates.

Empower Retirement Planner

If you are not an Empower wealth management client, you can always use their award-winning free Retirement Planner tool to help prepare for your future retirement.

Using actual financial information from any accounts you’ve linked to the Empower Personal Dashboard app, you’ll get a realistic assessment of whether or not you’re ready for retirement.

It even enables you to anticipate big expenses, like planning for college for your childrenbuying a new home, or wisely spending no more than 1/10th your gross income on a new car. You can add these events to the Retirement Planner, and see how they’ll impact your retirement plan.

Financial planning for private school

You can also include outside income sources, such as occassional freelance income, Social Security income, business sale income and more.

Everybody should leverage Empower's free financial tools to get a better holistic view of their money.

How To Gain Access To Retirement Paycheck

To take advantage of Empower Retirement Paycheck you must participate in Empower Wealth Management. That requires a minimum investment balance of $100,000 in the plan itself. Empower can also help you to manage your other investment accounts, even those they don’t manage directly. But you will need to meet that minimum investment to qualify for the advisory service.

Their annual asset management fee ranges from 0.5% – 0.89%, depending on how much in assets they manage for you.

If you are not an Empower Wealth Management client, then simply utilize their free Retirement Planning Tool. I run it at least once every 6 months to make sure my financial future is on track.

The more you can stay on top of your finances, the better you can optimize your finances. Too many people wake up 10, 15, 20 years later and wonder where all their money went. It's because they didn't use a free tool like Empower Personal Dashboard to track their wealth.

Nobody cares more about your money than you. I've used Empower since 2012 and have seen my net worth more than triple. Click here to sign up with Empower for free today.

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