Quora Arbitrarily Deletes Answers And Then Sends Them Out To Its E-mail Digest

If you're thinking about spending more than a minute writing on Quora don't. Quora arbitrarily deletes answers you write. As a result, you end up wasting a lot of time.

When you write on Quora, you are creating user-generated content for them. Instead, it's much better to generate content for yourself on your OWN PLATFORM. Make yourself rich, not Quora!

Quora Arbitrarily Deletes Answers

Quora decided to delete my answer on whether someone should work in investment banking or tech, saying it violated its rules. Luckily, I have my own platform and republished the answer on Financial Samurai. To waste good content would be a shame.

See below. It says “your answer was found to violate a policy on Quora.”

Quora Arbitrarily Deletes Answers

Here is a screenshot of part of the answer when I click appeal. I'm not going to appeal because I'd rather just have the answer on Financial Samurai and not bother dealing with Quora's arbitrary policies.

Quora Arbitrarily Deletes Answers

15 hours after I received notice that the perfectly fine answer violated Quora's spam policy, Quora goes out and sends the answer to 15,000 people in their e-mail digest! Take a look below.

Quora arbitrarily deletes answers then sends them out

Can't Trust Quora To Be Objective

It seems obvious that Quora have people SUBJECTIVELY deciding what is a good answer or not. People or competitors in your space might complain about your answer, for example, and then you're flagged.

But it also is obvious that Quora uses non-subjective machine learning algorithms to send out the best answers to their e-mail Quora digest.

I'm guessing this is what happened hear, otherwise, Quora has some serious fairness and technical issues.

Bottom line: Don't spend too much time on Quora. Instead, build your own platform, like I have done with Financial Samurai so you can earn all the traffic and revenue. Spend time building your brand and your traffic because you are the king or queen of your domain. Use Quora to help bring traffic to your site, not the other way around because they aren't paying you for any of your efforts.

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