San Francisco Small Moves Review: Terrible Service

San Francisco Small Moves is a moving company that specializes in local moves around San Francisco. They are located at 1131 Mission Rd, South San Francisco, CA 94080. I used SF Small Moves once before in 2014 and they were OK.

But then after getting detailed feedback from a reader that used San Francisco Small Moves in 2020, I realized my move in 2014 was masked by moving into a fixer upper.

I was going to refinish the floors and remodel the entire house anyway. Therefore, I didn't mind the damages.

Below is a San Francisco Small Moves review from a Financial Samurai reader in San Francisco. San Francisco Small Moves is a TERRIBLE moving company. Do not hire them.

San Francisco Small Moves Review

San Francisco Small Moves was unprofessional with my latest 2020 move. They damaged the floors and walls of the house I was moving out of. Then they damaged the floors and walls of the house I was moving into.

San Francisco Small Moves Review: Terrible Service

The floor damage was due to the movers not willing to lift up the furniture. Instead, the movers pushed the couches, tables, and soft chair across the newly refinished floors!

When I asked Ken, the owner, to pay for damages, he said he would pay for half the damages based on the cost of work to fix. In other words, clients don't even get full damages paid for. SF Small Movs refused to get anyone to fix the damages either. It is up to the homeowner. This is another waste of time and money.

After getting a handyman to fix the damages, SF Small Moves then refused to accept the invoice. This is despite photo and video documentation and saying they would. Then the owner, Ken, said he'd pay for $250 of the damages and we acquiesced.

Two months later, despite confirmation from Ken, the owner, that the “check was in the mail,” there still has been no check. In other words, Ken is a liar and doesn't respect his clients.

SF Small Moves Will Cost You A Lot Of Money

It's not just the regular payment to SF Small Moves to get guys to move your belongings, there is an extra cost to fixing your properties once the move is complete.

It's costing more to fix my properties than the move itself. This could very well happen to you.

Don't think because you're moving out of a rental and into another rental, that you'll be safe and it doesn't matter. Your landlord will simply end up taking the damages out of your rental deposit if you don't fix the damages.

If you are moving into a property you just bought, definitely do not use San Francisco Small Moves. The last thing you want to do is have your beloved property get damaged by a company that doesn't care. San Francisco Small Movs won't reimburse you for damages.

I moved into a $2.75 million home I scrimped and saved for for years. It feels terrible that San Francisco Small Moves damaged my property and don't care.

Do Not Use SF Small Moves

If you care about your property and want to save money and time, do not use San Francisco Small Moves. SF Small Moves will not pay for the damages they incur even if they say they will.

They get a 1 out of 5 stars from me. Use a different moving company!

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