The Work Is Going To Come Before The Belief

For the Maui fundraiser, I was sitting on the floor signing copies of Buy This Not That for about 90 minutes when my lower back randomly gave out. I could feel a couple of vertebrae crumble onto what must have been a nerve. I couldn't get up off the floor so I texted my wife for help. 

It was a bizarre incident that must have been due to the tremendous sadness I felt for Lahaina, the appreciation for the many who gave, and the mountain of books I still had to sign, package, and deliver. Moving a lot of boxes probably didn't help. 

So what does one do after a freak injury? Hopefully nothing and maybe watch some inspirational videos. Here's one by entrepreneur Andy Frisella that got me fired up.


The work comes before the belief. Spoken by Andy Frisella

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The Work Is Going To Come Before The Belief

He says,

“This is the reality. Nobody is going to believe in you until you've already done it. Nobody is going to come and celebrate with you until you've already done it. 

The work is going to come before the belief. Which means you're going to have to work for a long f*cking time by yourself with no applause with no awards with nobody telling you good job, and then once you start to build something, and people start to see the momentum, and they start to see the result, and you start doing some things, then you're going to get a little belief.”

Start Small And Keep On Going

I like this saying because it helps us get going and keep on going

Whether it's trying to finish a difficult project at work, learn a new language or musical instrument, complete a school project, start a new business, landscape your front yard, or lose 20 pounds, you've got to do the work before you start believing you can actually get it done! 

Once we start believing, we've got to give our activity enough time to finish. A healthy mindset is vital for getting us through good times and bad. 

Despite the importance of having a healthy mindset, I realized I have a scarcity mindset in certain things that negatively impact my relationship with my wife. Maybe you have the same issue as well and just didn't realize it. 

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