Crazy Things That Happen In Silicon Valley And San Francisco

I’ve lived in San Francisco since 2001 and I’ve seen a lot of stupid and outrageous things in SF and Silicon Valley. Here are some examples:

1) A bicyclist kicking and spitting at an SUV driver for no reason, other than he was driving an SUV. The SUV driver pulled over to the side of the road and the bicyclist proceeded to follow him in his spandex. The SUV driver beat him to a pulp and drove off.

2) I was playing doubles (tennis) one day when I realized between games the combined net worth on the court was over a billion dollars because there were two public tech company founders, and the President of one of the largest private money managers in the world.

3) Went to a weekend getaway party and everyone was making a prediction on who would be #MeTooed next. When we landed back in SF, one of the more “colorful” VCs who was talking about this one attractive female founder incessantly, suddenly bumped into her at the private terminal and completely changed his demeanor into one of professionalism and respect. Folks have no idea what people say behind closed doors.

4) Saw real estate startup founder hooking up with another woman at a conference, despite having a wife and two kids. Then saw him again at another conference with another woman. He was able to raise $30 million in Series B funding this year. Their female marketing manager reached out to do business with a Financial Samurai. If she only knew.

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The ugly side of San Francisco, Silicon Valley

More Crazy Things In Silicon Valley And San Francisco

And here's more from another SF resident:

* Sunday ‘wake-in-bake at Dolores Park when everyone was flying their toy drones over my head.

* Almost getting run over by a reckless scooter’er.

* My dog almost getting run over by a reckless scooter’er.

* Flirting with's CEO at a party where Elijah Wood was the DJ (and no one was allowed to call him “Frodo”).

* Working out with an Australian Youtube celebrity in my building’s gym.

* Riding on Andy Rubin’s (Android founder) Segway.

* Eating toast at a restaurant that just serves toast.

* Goat Yoga.

* Getting a cherry slushie thrown at me by a schizophrenic homeless woman.

* A man with an emotional support iguana at Trader Joes.

* Countless displays of public nudity at festivals.

* A man with the Facebook “Like” Button tattooed on his body.

* Knowing a kid who majored in acting get a job at a bio-tech start up.

* Corgi Con.

CorgiCon at Ocean Beach in San Francisco!

* Spending $1,000+ on succulents for my garden.

* The Head of Data Science at a hookup app sharing insights (ex: girls respond to guys with the highest income level selected on their profile…unless they’re also bald).

* Fermented pickle workshop.

* I work in Adtech, and once ran “Mitt Romney For President” ads on Gay. com. Needless to say, he was pissed.

* I once broke Youtube (but fixed it).

*  My friend’s husband designed the poop emoji.

* Rolling my eyes at a guy who kept saying “when I was at Harvard with Zuck”.

* Being on a plane browsing the inflight entertainment options and realizing they made an Angry Birds movie.

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It's Time To Leave Silicon Valley And San Francisco

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Sam, Financial Samurai