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My Victory Sign

My Victory Sign

One of the main reasons why I returned my Macbook was because I failed to get published on Wise Bread before my return policy ran out.  I figured why not have this goal in order to justify spending such a large some of money?  After all, a writer needs his tools!  Well, I’m excited to announce that my guest article on Wise Bread is now live!  Better late than never.

Please enjoy reading: “Knowing When To Walk Away – Financial Planning For An Unknown Ending”

A snippet: “People have a notion that they must amass a certain amount of money, no matter how long it takes, before they can retire. But what if it took you 40 years of work to reach $1 million, and the very next year you died?”

A special thanks to Senior Writer Linsey Knerl at Wise Bread for accepting my guest post submission and taking the time to edit.  Linsey was always so responsive, even in the wee hours of night when I was pounding away and asking her questions.  Thanks for the support Linsey.  You rock!

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  1. Geek says

    NICE post! Gets me to thinking – save vs. live – all over again.
    I like my job a LOT though, at the moment. Is that going to continue for 23 more years? I can guess it is not. My father is cashing in his chips and I’m quite jealous, though I like what I do.

    pssst – consider a freedom fund app for facebook. It could really take off!

  2. says

    @Geek Thnx! That’s awesome you love your job so much. Seriously, you are in a very envious position. I do like my job a lot, but i’m not sure I LOVE my job. What do you do btw?

    Freedom fund app for Facebook sounds like a good idea…. but I wouldn’t know where to start! Hence, whoever executes the idea, make sure to credit FS here! :)

  3. says

    An excellent, thought-provoking piece indeed. And congratulations for getting accepted on WB as well! Perfect combination for that article I think.

    • says

      Thanks Linsey! I enjoyed posting for Wise Bread too. Still working on that one topic we talked about a couple weeks ago. Wise Bread rocks! :)

  4. Shortsman says

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