The List of Jobs I’d Do For Free Baby!

If you feel like debating, head over to “The Dark Side Of Early Retirement” and get your fix.  I stand by my main thesis that nobody quits a job they love to do.  Someone who is able to find a fulfilling job is one of the luckiest people on Earth.  We shouldn’t make fun of them for being a “loser” for working as one commenter put it.  Instead, we should figure out what makes them tick!

Everybody gets bored at something after enough repetition.  That’s why it’s key to have many different interests which straddle both the mental and the physical aspects of your life.  No surprise that interesting people have a plethora of interests.  These people also probably have a higher than normal level of commitment to their activities which make them that much more intriguing.


1) Tennis instructor at the 4 Seasons in Bora Bora. Crystal blue waters and sunshine, two of the best things, which also so happen to be free in life!  You can be dirt poor, but if you’re living in a place like Bora Bora, I venture to guess you can compete with any rich person in a downtrodden, polluted land.  I think it’d be great to meet new travelers through tennis and keep in touch online.

2) Snowboard instructor for The Lodge at the base of Vail, Colorado. Nothing beats the back bowls of Vail!  We’re talking 10 minute wide open, steep, tree-less, and massive powder runs!  The Lodge is a quaint resort, and every time I go to Vail I meet some very interesting people.

3) TV sportscaster for college football and basketball. I literally could watch college football and basketball all day and night long, to the dismay of some!  That said, I don’t and pick and choose so as to not over indulge.  When college football and basketball season start, my excitement literally goes up a notch.

4) Food critic for Michelin. Yes, for starters I would like the Black Truffle Salad and Yellow-fin Tuna Carpaccio.  Please pair with a bottle of 1974 Chateau Montelena Chardonnay.  For the main course, I’ll have the Butter Poached Maine Lobster with a cup of extra melted butter on the side.  I’ll pass on your selection of caviar and artisan cheeses and go straight for the Mandarin Souffle.  Oh, and here’s my business card.

5) President of The United States. There’s no amount of money in the world enough to match the stress of being the Commander in Chief.  Hence, I’d rather not take a salary and serve my country for free.  One of the first steps as President?  Institute a flat tax so we no longer have to discriminate against hard working American citizens who’ve struggled to get to where they are!  I’d also reduce military spending to fund education.  It’d be awesome to take Airforce I and a bunch of family and friends to Hawaii like the President does every December.  Meanwhile, winning the Noble Peace Prize for being in office after one year ain’t too shabby either!


6) Masseuse guinea pig. Rub me baby!

7) Blogger. Financial Samurai is so fun, thinking about monetizing just isn’t on my mind for this site.  It’s just a blast learning from y’all meeting new people and gaining perspective.  If someone wants to pay to advertise, great!  Someone else who needs the money more will receive it.  If not, that’s OK too.  The next project will come out by mid August, and I’m working hard behind the scenes to make sure it gets executed.

8} Late Stage Film Critic (Academy Awards). I say late stage because I’m specifying the desire to critique only the best movies that have already passed the gauntlet!  You know, movies such as Shawshank Redemption, The Matrix, The Usual Suspects, Hot Tub Time Machine and many more, which only a late stage film critic would get to review.  What joy!

9) Travel writer and photographer. I don’t know how to take wonderful photographs like our friend Lyndon, but I do love to travel and write on occasion.  Send me to Barcelona or Rio de Janeiro to write about their favorite foods and secret gems I’m there!  Put me on a train towards Amsterdam to write about whether locals really eat special brownies after lunch, no problem!

10) English teacher in a non English speaking country. If we can’t communicate properly, we’re wasting our potential.  Given English continues to become the global language standard, teaching English to those who wish to speak English is very important.  Let me go see if the Maldives or somewhere in the South Pacific needs an instructor.


So there you have it.  I love travel, sports, eating, and writing.  Many of these jobs provide free lodging (White House anybody?) and food (4 Seasons) can literally be done for free.  When it comes time to retire at 45, I’m prepared to incorporate these elements into the next stage of my life.  Perhaps I can be a travel writer in Bora Bora in the morning while teaching tennis in the afternoon?  Perhaps I can be a traveling food and luxury resort critic on my site, while letting the new spa staff give me full body massages before they work on paying customers.  At any rate, I look forward to early retirement by 45, because I’ve got a full docket of things planned!


It’s been over six years since I started Financial Samurai and I’m actually earning a good passive and active income stream online now. The top 1% of all posts on Financial Samurai generates 31% of all traffic and revenue. I’d do this “job” for free baby!

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Readers, what are some of the jobs you’d be willing to do for free?


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  1. Single Mom Rich Mom says

    I used to date a guy who was a tennis pro / instructor at a Club Med. I think your wife might have some objections since the job paid squat but apparently comes with tons of fringe benefits. :-)

    I’d own a bar (not for the fringe benefits either, this cougar isn’t that desperate! Yet.) – just like talking to people, even (maybe especially) drunk people.

    But my #1 pick would be a staff writer for The Onion. Although that may not be so out there…
    .-= Single Mom Rich Mom´s last blog ..Posts I liked from Yakezie people #2 =-.

  2. says

    Yessss!!! I love your number one!! Two things I love, Tennis and the Tropics! I’ve been trying to get my Trinidadian girlfriend into tennis, that would be probably be the closest I could get to actually obtaining that kind of position :)

    For me, I’d have blogger a bit higher up on the list. I love the potential freedom that comes along with the problogger lifestyle.

    • says

      Good stuff MFO! BTW, I’ve tried to click your link/blog site several times before, and I keep getting an error. Can you click on your site link from another computer and get it to work?

      I’d be happy with $70-120K/yr as a pro blogger for sure. I ain’t greedy!
      .-= admin´s last blog ..The List of Jobs I’d Do For Free Baby! =-.

  3. Money Green Life says

    i don’t think there’s anything i’d do for free, unless it’s my own pet project. but to work for someone else and get paid for it to me sounds pretty silly. gotta have some kind of compensation or incentive to do my work well.
    .-= Money Green Life´s last blog ..Cheaper Gas Is More Expensive =-.

  4. Matt SF says

    Major league baseball talent scout. Also on this list would be the official score keeper for the New York Yankees.

    While it’s hard to imagine getting paid to play a game like baseball, or any game for that matter, but think how cool it is to get paid a generous salary just to show up, watch a game, and don’t even have to break a sweat doing it.
    .-= Matt SF´s last blog ..The Social Stigma of Foreclosure is Ending =-.

  5. says

    I love my job for the most part and now the passion is slowly bringing a better salary…. Eventually my blogging will be enough for me to be comfortable in cash too but that’s not what it’s all about.

    I love pretty much the same stuff as you, we don’t always align politically but would the world be any fun if everyone agreed?…. I would hate to be British Prime Minister, can’t think of a worse job….. All that compromise to try and keep everyone happy and then you just end up being hated!
    .-= Forest´s last blog ..Bartering Websites and Finding a Local Barter Network =-.

    • says

      Nah, the world wouldn’t be fun if everyone agreed at all! Singing Kumbayah is boring if we sing it too much!

      Good call on trying to keep everyone happy and then end up being hated! These jobs are so tuff, no amount of money would be enuf, hence why I wouldn’t take a dime to run the country!
      .-= admin´s last blog ..The List of Jobs I’d Do For Free Baby! =-.

  6. says

    i would go for blogging and traveling. Though i doubt that there is anyone in this earth who would want to bank roll hobbies like this. Something else that i think is the dream job is a car critic like jeremy clarkson. Can you imagine that this guy gets paid over a million euros a year to drive trash and bash all sorts of sports cars and suvs all over the world. Give me a lambo and i will drive it for free for as long as you like
    .-= kt´s last blog ..robert kiyosaki’s conspiracy of the rich- my criticisms =-.

  7. Larry says

    I’d support your flax tax only if it were accompanied by corresponding proportions in pricing. Your example reads:

    Poor man: $50,000 income taxed at 15% or $7500 = $42,500.
    Rich woman: $1,000,000 income taxes at 15% or $150,000 = $850,000.


    Now let’s see what happens when both poor man and rich woman buy a $10,000 car, both paying cash:

    Poor man: $42,500 – $10,000 = $32,500 left over.
    Rich woman: $850,000 – $10,000 = $840,000 left over.


    Shaw took a different approach in “Pygmalion” when the impoverished Eliza Doolittle offers Henry Higgins a shilling for elocution lessons. Higgins accepts with alacrity, reasoning that “If you consider a shilling, not as a simple shilling, but as a percentage of this girl’s income, it works out as fully equivalent to sixty or seventy guineas from a millionaire. Figure it out. A millionaire has about £150 a day. She earns about half-a-crown. She offers me two-fifths of her day’s income for a lesson. Two-fifths of a millionaire’s income for a day would be somewhere about £60. It’s handsome. By George, it’s enormous! it’s the biggest offer I ever had.”

    Unreasonable? Why should a sliding scale for pricing be any more unreasonable than a sliding scale for taxes?

    • Fun In The Sun says

      Don’t think the poor man in your example has read Samurai’s 1/10th rule for car buying! lol. What is someone only making $42,500/yr doing spending $10,000 on a car? The 1/10th rule would stipulate at max $4,500 if not much less. What’s wrong with public transportation? Is it a right everybody should own a car in the constitution? Americans..

      • Larry says

        Substitute any other item of any other price for the car. Substitute a quart of milk if you like. The point I am making remains the same.

        • Fun In The Sun says

          OK, milk. The guy still has $42,498 gross, and the other guy has $849,998 left over. The point is? You think the guy making $42,498 deserves to live the lifestyle of someone making $850,000? Uhh?

    • says

      Fun in The Sun says it well. If I were only making $50,000 a year, I’d be busing it all day long, and riding a bike! Funny thing is, that’s what I’m doing anyway, and my car is work $5,000 bucks!

      The person who is buying a $10,000 car making $50,000 is poor for a reason… cause he bought a $10,000 car! Your example shows egregious entitlement issues.

      There’s no reason why the person making $50,000 can’t do more to make more if he/she wanted to. That’s the beauty of America!
      .-= admin´s last blog ..The List of Jobs I’d Do For Free Baby! =-.

      • Larry says

        “There’s no reason why the person making $50,000 can’t do more to make more if he/she wanted to. That’s the beauty of America!”

        Really. With 10% unemployment and millions out of work, sometimes for a year or more. There are some real blinders on here. And you are both doing a marvelous job of completely missing my point, which has nothing to do with the car per se. But carry on.

        • says

          Larry, I usually find that when a reader misses my point, it’s my fault b/c I don’t explain clearly enough. Care to continue trying again as to why taxation equality is bad and why people can’t do more to get paid? Yes, it is still tough out there.

        • Larry says

          Since you asked: I will try to express my views on the flat tax once more, in case I was not clear myself. Yes, I oppose it. It obviously would be simpler and more efficient to administer, and would perhaps throw an entire profession of accountants out of work, but my primary reason is that I am not convinced that it would promote equality. The economic system in this country is skewed to favor the wealthiest members in any case, and the lowest earners are inevitably at a disadvantage, for example often not having health insurance, being less educated, having fewer skills, and paying a larger percentage of their income towards basic needs than the wealthy (which is why I brought up that passage from Bernard Shaw’s “Pygmalion”). The objection to a progressive tax is that it “taxes success,” but Warren Buffett has been quoted as saying that his secretary pays a higher percentage of her income in taxes than he does – obviously because he can take advantage of complexities in the tax code that less affluent earners cannot. A progressive tax at least tries to rectify the gross disparity between higher and lower earners, by easing the burden somewhat on those least able to pay, and asking for a larger share from those who can most easily absorb the higher payments.

          As for your second question, with employers holding the purse strings and granting stingy raises (if they’re giving any raises at all), most workers’ real earnings continue to decline, at the same time the wealthy (whom you seem to feel are treated so uinjustly) continue to accumulate more and more.

  8. says

    Funny, I was just thinking of leaving you a comment on that Dark Side article. You tweeted ‘honourable’ for my husband being at his job for 30 years. I have to think differently. He hates his job.

    These phrases/words come to mind: ‘coward for not trying out your dreams’, ‘afraid of change’, ‘afraid to change routine’. I don’t think its honorable for him being their 30 years. Sure, he needs a job to pay for his way of life. But its not what he enjoys. And he will keep his job a little longer past his qualified age of retirement to put make up for retirement money he doesn’t have. I hear him talk about his dreams all the time. Yet now, he is near the late age retirement.

    I love your list of jobs you’d take for free. And I would love to live them, under the pretense that I am taking an early retirement’.

    BTW, my Burmese friend learns his English from me (even though he speaks better English than me). I tell him all the time, I feel sorry for his future students (as he wants to go back to Burma to retire and teach English), because they will know a lot of slang and bad words. ;)
    .-= Money Funk´s last blog ..Blendtec Total Blender obliterates an iPad =-.

    • says

      That’s sad he hates his job. Well, after 30 years at one job, I think a majority of people would hate their jobs too!

      Does he have enough money to retire, or at least take a 1 or 2 year hiatus and do some soul searching? How long more does he have to work? 30 years is a long gone time!
      .-= admin´s last blog ..The List of Jobs I’d Do For Free Baby! =-.

      • says

        Actually, he loved his job until all the Family style Germans retired. Then it became strictly corporate. Treating people like respectable human beings went out the door.

        He can retire, but he will not take a hiatus. Well, he may… only because his wife wants to travel. ;) But he does not have enough to retire in buying the dream ranch he wants. Thats a bit of an expensive taste.
        .-= Money Funk´s last blog ..Blendtec Total Blender obliterates an iPad =-.

  9. says

    Great list!

    Job I would love to do and can’t believe I would be paid would be blogging. I love to just meet people, write on topics that interest me, and the general peace of mind I obtain after writing stuff down.

    Thanks for sharing Samurai!
    .-= OdysseusToday´s last blog ..How to pick a Graduation Gift =-.

  10. says

    Sam, I could play basketball all day long even with the injuries I get to my shoulders, fingers, and back. It’s just a great game. Beyond that, here are some that stand out for me.

    * Writing books (fiction/fantasy and self help). I love to create stories and help people. I could write all day long doing this.
    * Public speaking/seminars. This is another one that pay is irrelevant to me for. I love to get in front of people and share tidbits that are both helpful and entertaining.
    * Consulting/coaching individuals and businesses. I’m not quite at the level to be a business consultant, but I feel I’m well on my way to doing individual coaching. I just enjoy interaction with others.

    This is good food for thought Sam. I really do believe that love, passion, and adding value should be the currencies we seek before dollars. The times I get tripped up is when I mess up this order and put dollars before everything else.
    .-= Jeremy Johnson´s last blog ..Unclogging Your Mind (Phase 2) – Build Your Fleet =-.

      • says

        Sam, excellent questions on all of these. I’ve done a few public speaking arrangements in my life so it’s something I’m pretty new at. The # 1 thing that gets me over fears and jitters is knowing my material so well that I can speak about it intelligently. Beyond that, there are a host of other things that I do to get over it, like putting myself in state through dialog and movement.

        As for consulting and coaching, monetizing it to me is simply being credible enough to the right group of people who are willing to pay for the service. Of course that’s easier said than done :)
        .-= Jeremy Johnson´s last blog ..Unclogging Your Mind (Phase 2) – Build Your Fleet =-.

  11. says

    There aren’t many jobs I’d want to do without compensaton…perhaps photographer for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition could tempt me. ;)
    .-= Mike @ Saving Money Today´s last blog ..What Scrooge McDuck Taught Me About Finances =-.

  12. says

    Love your list although I would probably swap Tennis Instructor to be Rafael Nadal’s hitting partner.
    .-= Mrs. Frugal´s last blog ..PUR Water Filtration System Winner Announced! =-.

  13. says

    I actually got into my current career as it was in an area I love, but over time the less enjoyable stuff has caught up, or maybe I got bored.

    As we discussed on the Dark Side… post, my aim is to have a relatively modest inflation-proofed freedom fund by around the time of my mid-40s, and then perhaps to do the stuff I love in my career wherever I want to do it, and be able to take the financial consequences on the chin.

    Then again after five days holed up in bed with a crook back, almost anything seems like a joy! (Sarno is working his magic, fear not).

    • says

      Ouch, 5 days in bed? I would love to come over there and do some back cracking! I love cracking bones and backs!

      How do you plan to have an inflation-proof freedom fund by mid 40s? I still donno exactly what you do for a living except for invest. Is that what you do?

      Do you like soft or hard beds for your back?
      .-= admin´s last blog ..The List of Jobs I’d Do For Free Baby! =-.

      • says

        I’m vague about what I do in real life for anonymity reasons. But it’s not only investing – that’s what I do for fun. ;)

        Re: Investing, I’m much less risk averse than you – think of all our arguments about the risks of cash. With equities, reits, and index linked bonds bought when the time is right (not now!) I don’t think it’ll be impossible.

        I’m also in between Jacob on ERE and you, from what I’ve read. I just want to ‘retire’ (but not really retire) comfortably lower-middle class free, rather than super rich. If I end up rich fair enough.

        From what I’ve garnered/presumed from your updates, I could retire tomorrow if I was you.

        But we’re back to your friend Lyndon again. He could easily be free in a year or two, also. Most people get on a treadmill of some sort.

        If you’ve got the money you’ve alluded to, in my humble opinion you could easily move to Thailand, surf and blog/write, teach tennis, and live in a beachside bungalow for $500 a month.

        Not saying you should, but with wealthy people I think it’s always the wealth that snags them. :)
        .-= Monevator´s last blog ..Snap thoughts on the Con Dem coalition from a private investor’s perspective =-.

        • says

          Hmm, perhaps you are a British Gigolo by night and investor by day? :)

          Good point at the end, being the wealth that snags them. I’m dirty poor, or so I enjoy believing I am, which helps put things in perspective and allow me to dream!

  14. Powell says

    What about being a male escort for loney super models? I could live with that, provided they pay for the date :)

  15. Nunzio Bruno says

    I have to agree with you with the blogging! I wish doing it could support me so that I could do it permanently. You are totally right about the people you meet and the perspective you gain. Especially with what we blog about, financial landscapes are changing everyday so people need voices like ours more than ever.

    I guess tropical weather and 4 seasons would be pretty cool too :)
    .-= Nunzio Bruno ´s last blog ..Blog Spotlight! =-.

    • Money Funk says

      I am beginning to really understand that it is not the blogging that supports but the products you offer. Blogging only helps to bring the masses.

  16. Charlie says

    What a fun idea. I’d love to be a tv show critic, nature/animal photographer, and book/magazine critic. If I hadn’t had 2 really bad massages by massage school students I’d totally put down massage guinea pig too. I really appreciate quality massage therapy now though – it’s much harder than it seems and there are definitely ranges of ability out there!

  17. says

    Ahhh, life’s too short not to really enjoy what you’re doing RIGHT NOW unless you have to do a job you hate just to live. I finished reading Nickel and Dimed about a journalist who took on an array of minimum wage jobs in the U.S., and lived just on that income, just to see what it was like. Wow! Now that’s an example of a position where you don’t have a choice. But if you’re not a big consumer and you make a decent salary, you can save enough to give you far more choices. But don’t put it off too long. You never know how long you’re really going to be around.
    Samurai, if you want to be a professional tennis “Knocker”, I can set you up at a resort in Hua Hin, Thailand. You’d get paid in accomodation and rice, but it might be fun if you can take the heat!
    .-= Andrew Hallam´s last blog ..Tioman – Paradise on a Shoestring =-.

  18. MikeK says

    Unreasonable? Why should a sliding scale for pricing be any more unreasonable than a sliding scale for taxes?

    Isn’t a percentage an example of a sliding scale? The ‘rich’ person is paying exactly 20x more taxes than the ‘poor’ person.

    • Socialism Is The Way says

      Sliding scale for pricing, what you mean? Like if a rich guy comes into a Banana Republic store, he gets charged $1,000 for a suit, and if a poor guy who shows he makes only $50,000 a year, he gets to pay $300? Is that what you are talking about?

      If so, yeah, I’m all for pricing discrimination! Tax the rich until they bleed!

      • says

        Lol, hilarious! Love the example. What about going to a restaurant and getting charged 50% more because you make 50% more than others? Now that would be awesome! Not.

        I just hate discrimination, and I don’t know why we should ever discriminate in any situation.
        .-= admin´s last blog ..The List of Jobs I’d Do For Free Baby! =-.

        • Larry says

          Sam wants to ridicule the idea of sliding-scale pricing, but it is not altogether absurd and in some ways is built into our economy at present. The most obvious examples are student and senior discounts. The assumption (right or wrong, as the senior could be a multi-millionaire) is that these people have fewer assets and are therefore entitled to lower charges.

          The same thing happens in medical offices, where doctors will sometimes accept lowered charges from people without means to pay. I even remember a condo building being put up in Boston about 10 years ago, where the intention was to provide housing chosen by lottery for people of varied economic situations, and units were priced according to the buyer’s means.

          If you hate discrimination – in any situation, mind you – then you have to hate such discounts.

          • says

            Ah, but you missed the spirit of your example regarding student and senior discounts. The spirit is that of trying to save money for student who likely have no or less means to make money, and seniors who have already put in a life time of work and dedication to society and we are helping them if not thanking.

            Taxing certain people 40% instead of 15% is persecution.

            As soon as you get in the giving mindset, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

        • Larry says

          This “spirit” is solely an assumption on your part. The Wikipedia entry on “senior discounts” writes that “The customer is assumed to be retired, and/or have a limited income, and/or living on a budget.” Nothing here about thanking the person for past service, and in fact the senior is entitled to the discount solely based on age, and for all you know may have been a deadbeat all his or her life.

          As for “persecution” – well, I’ll prefer to reserve that term for cases where it truly applies. Is that what your pal Lyndon has been feeding you? Poor persecuted little rich boy, barely able to survive on a measly $300K a year? :)

    • Larry says

      Yes, and fire is hot. Mr. Samurai, however, is convinced that he’s promoting equality. I say he is not.

        • Larry says

          Why do you want to personalize the question? My personal tax rate is irrelevant. Suffice to say it’s lower than your friend Lyndon’s, and higher than those who earn less than me. As far as I can see you haven’t, by the way, taken up the question of state, sales, or property taxes. Since as a New Yorker I pay high state taxes and a Texan pays none, would your flat tax plan impose a flat state tax, or is that a matter of states’ rights?

  19. says

    I would have to include staff writer for National Geographic (though travel writer/photographer covers that, I guess.) What about documentarian for Discovery channel? As for teaching English in a foreign country, it’s not that far-fetched. I can send you the contact info if you’re interested ;)!
    .-= Little House´s last blog ..Tuesday Tips, Week 9 =-.

  20. says

    Using Warren Buffet is a bad example. Of course he’s going to fight for progressive taxes and a redistribution of wealth, b/c he’s super rich. If he gets taxed 99%, he’s still richer than 99% of the world!

    You should learn how to work harder and get a better education if you want to make more money, instead of be bitter and hope the government taxes people making more than you so you can get subsidized. Start fighting for yourself instead of relying on others!

    As for an idea job i’d do for free…. I actually like landscaping and planting trees.


    • Larry says

      “You should learn how to work harder and get a better education if you want to make more money, instead of be bitter and hope the government taxes people making more than you so you can get subsidized. Start fighting for yourself instead of relying on others!”

      Thank you for making unwarranted assumptions about my character and telling me how to run my life. I have a Ph.D. in English and work quite hard, I assure you. And that should be “being bitter”; you need a participle rather than an infinitive there.

      • The Genius says

        Well that explains it then! You’ve got your PhD, but aren’t making a lot of money, hence you are bitter at the system because you think you’re smarter than the rest.

        The news flash is, PhD doesn’t mean you’re smart. It means you just went to school for a long long time and are on the track of academia, research, or teaching which is frankly excellent. However, you can’t be mad the world and not making more, and wanting to tax others who do make much more than you a higher percentage just to fund everybody else.

        I believe in equality too. I’m surprised they didn’t teach you that in school.

  21. Larry says

    Actually I’m not in academia (though I used to be), and for the past 20 years I’ve been working in the software industry and doing quite well. I’m not trying and have not at any point tried to complain about my own tax situation, but you keep trying to personalize the discussion.

    There are arguments pro and con regarding a flat versus progressive tax, but they have nothing to do with what I’m earning and what taxes I’m paying. Adam Smith, hardly a foe of free-market capitalism, wrote in 1776 that:

    “The necessaries of life occasion the great expense of the poor. They find it difficult to get food, and the greater part of their little revenue is spent in getting it. The luxuries and vanities of life occasion the principal expense of the rich, and a magnificent house embellishes and sets off to the best advantage all the other luxuries and vanities which they possess. A tax upon house-rents, therefore, would in general fall heaviest upon the rich; and in this sort of inequality there would not, perhaps, be anything very unreasonable. It is not very unreasonable that the rich should contribute to the public expense, not only in proportion to their revenue, but something more than in that proportion.”

  22. says

    Well, that’s easy for me…I would be a fly fishing guide for free. You just can’t put a price to the relaxation it gives you, the scenery and fresh air, and not to mention the adrenaline rush when you hook ’em!

    Another job I think would be fun and exciting would be a detective! Although, I probably wouldn’t do it for free, because of how hard of work it is, and it’s probably all politics on how one would become a detective in the first place. But it would be fun to interrogate suspects and nailing the bastard who did the crime!

  23. says

    HAHA… now I’m not sure what the guinea pig masseuse entails, but it sounds entertaining. Something I wish I had done was go teach English in another country for a couple years… I think that would have been a valuable experience. My dream job: Teach stock trading in the Caribbean.

  24. says

    I love the list! Why not start now? During your vacations and you are traveling, try submitting something to travel magazines or travel websites. I am suggesting it for you, however it would affect the vacation so why bother. I think when I retire, I want to do things I would do even if they do not pay me. It provides so much more freedom.

    • says

      Ah, because I enjoy my job enough to not have to go the free route yet. But, if I’m unemployed, I’ certainly consider and do some blogging on the side!

      Like you said, you don’t want to have any ties when on vacay!

  25. says

    Hate to burst your bubble, but travel writing can be exceptionally dull. It requires a lot of fact-checking — e.g., sitting at a desk, calling hotels to say “Before we go to print, I need to verify that rooms start at $219 a night, correct? Can you get the manager on the line?”

    Masseuse guinea pig, on the other hand? That sounds great!!

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