Definition Of Boku

Have you heard the term boku and aren't sure what it means? The definition of boku is as follows.

Definition Of Boku

Boku is the Samurai way of saying the French word, “beaucoup,” meaning “a lot,” or “many.” The invention of the word “boku” is by Sam Dogen of Financial Samurai.

It is most often paired with the word bucks to refer to a lot of money: boku bucks. Some grammar enthusiasts and French speakers may raise their eyebrows. But, you're in the realm of Financial Samurai here folks.

Sam uses new words to distract his readers from focusing on the topic at hand. This way, he can tell which readers are serious, and which readers like to go off on tangents.

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Sam enjoys standing up to the Internet Retirement Police (IRP) and the Internet Grammar Police (IGP). Now you can teach your friends the definition of boku. Check out the latest articles on Financial Samurai and impress them with your knowledge of personal finance.

I hope you can achieve financial independence sooner, rather than later!