Earthquake Disaster In Virginia Has People Fleeing And Californians Wondering “Huh?”

I live in San Francisco. Therefore, an earthquake disaster may happen one day.

It's not funny to joke about earthquakes, especially since we never know when one will hit.  Yes, California always get a bad rap and the big one will come eventually.  However, you got to admit there have been some peculiarities about a 5.9 magnitude earthquake that caused people all along the eastern seaboard to run out of their buildings and panic.

For goodness sakes, you live on the East Coast, where it's hot and muggy as hell during the summer, and cold as Antarctica during the winter.  If you guys can stand to suffer for 10 months out of the year, what's a little shake and bake?  Nothing at all!

Dealing With An Earthquake Disaster

Living on the East Coast is like choosing the red door which has a hairy masochist in a gimp suit waiting to smash your pinky finger with a sledgehammer everyday.  Just when the bleeding starts to coagulate, you get another bash!  Since it's a free country, you could easily choose to walk through the West Coast blue door where there lies a super model waiting to give you a rub down every afternoon. 

Haven't you seen Katy Perry's California Girls video where everybody is all sexy with lollipops?  Because of the freedom of choice, I admire my brothers and sisters on the East Coast so much for their strength!  After 10 years there, I had to get out and now I'm a soft mound of dough relaxing out West.

We've had this debate before about East Coast vs. West Coast, and the conclusion is hands down that the West Coast provides a far superior quality of life than the East Coast.  Don't believe me?  Click on both articles and read the 200 comments to see the light! The only people to object to this tautology are those who've never spent more than a month living on the West Coast, or who have never even been to the West Coast in the first place!

As the optimist that I am, the good thing about the Virginia earthquake is that East Coasters will stop making fun of those who live in California.  It's like you guys think we have devastating earthquakes everyday or something.  The amount of hurricanes and tornadoes that rip through the East Coast every year causes multiple times more damage than the average blue moon earthquake here.

Things Can't Get Much Worse Out East

The other great thing about living on the East Coast is that things can't get much worse.  Wherever you go travel or decide to retire, life will be that much better!  For those who live in Hawaii or California, it's going to be a little rough retiring elsewhere. That's why we never leave.  However, on the upside, think about how much money you'll save on housing and watermelons!

So let us all pray that the big one never hits either of our coasts and come to the acceptance that the West Coast is the best coast.  Glad everyone is OK and if you're from the East Coast, I'm just playing with you.  The two months of the year in Fall really are spectacular!  Stay safe America!

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Readers, where were you when the Big Virginia quake hit? I was getting a massage from my super model masseuse when I got a Tweet notification of mass pandemonium of flight cancellations and building evacuations. Earthquake disaster prevention is important.



Here's a helpful post on how to and what to prepare for a disaster at your home and office.

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20 thoughts on “Earthquake Disaster In Virginia Has People Fleeing And Californians Wondering “Huh?””

  1. I live on the East Coast, VA as a matter of only about 20 miles from the epicenter of last weeks quake, I was never so surprised or scared. My Alaskan cousin has given plenty of ribbing about it being nothing, how they get quakes every day there. I’m like yeah but we DON’T here. Screw this coast, earthquake, hurricanes, tornadoes, cold as hell in the winter, You’re right, the only good time is October and November the rest of the year sucks, can you please send me some real estate pamphlets I’m telling my husband that we are moving west! I wasn’t thinking Cali but maybe perhaps Arizona?

  2. I’ve lived on both coasts, and each has pros and cons. California has better weather and natural beauty, but when it comes to all things culture, New York blows Cali out of the water.

    As far as the earthquake is concerned, I have to call out some of the west coasters on something. First, yes, we know you guys are used to bigger earthquakes, and we are all very impressed. But for where I was, the reasons buildings evacuated was not all out panic as some are saying, but because east coast buildings were not built to withstand any earthquake tremors. It was a precaution, and to give our engineers a chance to get inside and check the structure.

    Not counting government buildings (which close for cloudy skies) the rest of us went back to work within a half hour.

  3. I was at work when the earthquake hit. Nothing major, just about a minute of swaying and blinds flapping against the windows. There is something hypnotic about it – but obviously glad it was relatively minor by the time it got to us in Ohio.

    As for East vs. West, I am personally a fan of the East Coast. I would never be so brass as to say it is ‘better’ (or worse), but for me it fits. There is a special peace I feel when along the eastern seaboard. I don’t feel that out west. To each his own.

  4. I was in the office laughing at all the pandemonium! Airports closed and government buildings evacuated? Come on!

  5. @cashflowmantra
    Sorry CashFlow – Not gonna happen thanks to plate tectonics! But who knows? The North American plate is splitting in at least one spot (NV/AZ border), maybe it will eventually split near Indiana and you’ll get a nice stretch of beach in the process. ;)

  6. I grew up on the East Coast (first 25 years) and now live on the West Coast. There certainly are differences, but the weather beats almost all of them. The occasional earthquake in California just reminds us we live in paradise! I will take an occasional earthquake versus tornado or hurricane season every year. Notice, I am avoiding the stereotypes of East vs.West coast because it is just that.
    I was on my computer when it happened.

  7. I am hoping that when the big one hits California, Indiana will be on the West Coast. But I suppose all the bikini clad models will go down with the ship. Bummer.

  8. I’m sorry you are stuck in the middle and landlocked JT. Work hard and upon graduation, you are welcome to come join us in Candyland! Why else do you think FB, Twitter, Google are all here?


  9. Haha, the comments from the person “walking” and the other person “driving” who didn’t feel it crack me up – being in SoCal, everyone knows that you can’t feel an earthquake while driving, and you generally can’t feel one while walking unless it’s really big or lasts a long time. Thanks Sam, for reminding me that I have no desire to move away from the West coast!

  10. Sunil from The Extra Money Blog

    was out having lunch with some friends in the south. wife called and cracked the news. i just assumed all is well since it hit the east. turning on the TV however wouldn’t make it seem as such. every darn channel transitioned from Tripoli to DC in a split second. good luck with that Libya, we got bigger problems to deal with state side….lol

  11. I was at lunch when the quake hit, safely tucked away in flyover country. The best part about it was that there was an earthquake of similar magnitude in southern CO/northern NM just 1 day before that, but it didnt get nearly the press.

  12. Untemplater

    I’ve lived on both coasts in multiple states. I knew even after one month of living in California many years ago that I would never move back to the east coast! I appreciate the seasons on the east but the weather, food, farmers markets, better beaches make the west the best for me. :) And thanks for mentioning my disaster preparedness post Sam! -Sydney

  13. I was at work (Greensboro, NC) on the phone with a mortgage company when the lady I was talking to started freaking out about some earthquake or something and then she had to let me go and hung up. Apparently some folks in my office noticed monitors and bobbleheads shaking when it happened, but I was so focused on the call I didn’t even notice! That’s customer service right there! Lol

  14. Michelle Herrera

    I was at work (Ft. Belvoir, VA) and was frozen in my office chair while the glass cases around the office were rattling and shaking, tipping over some knick knacks and books. I just could not believe this was happening, I was in a state of disbelief. I’m so, so glad there was no devastation or catastrophic damage! I feel like an earthquake pro now, so I’ll be less fearful visiting my son in California from now on!

  15. We were driving in Raleigh and didn’t notice it. We’re still loving the East Coast – seasons are typically mild in NC. We also are within driving distance to the beach and the mountains – best of both worlds!

  16. baronvonjon

    East Coast (by that I mean NYC) front runs the global taste of finance, culture, fashion, arts, foods, etc. California self medicates itself into a cool buzz puts on her flip flops and goes to the strip mall.

  17. I felt it in central PA, and I never got up from my chair at work.

    And I could never live on the west coast. NFL games at 10am, that’s not right!

  18. I was out walking in Boston – and it was so big – I did not know it happened. When I spoke with my wife 30 minutes later she told me that it had occurred.

    She works from home and the book shelves were shaking – so she evacuated – to the hallway.

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