Financial Samurai Resume Review And Optimization Services

Did you know the average resume gets only seven seconds of attention? Then most of them get tossed in the trash. Only a lucky few are get a slot for a follow up. Employers are flooded with resumes in this electronic age and anything that looks off gets passed over. I want to help you get noticed with my Financial Samurai Resume Review and Optimization Services!

Personal Background

During my 13 year career on Wall Street I reviewed over 3,000 resumes from some of the nation's finest universities. Harvard and Princeton resumes were routinely rejected because they were not presented properly. At the same time, candidates from lesser ranked schools were accepted for interviews because of great resumes.

I joined Goldman Sachs in the Equities department at 1 New York Plaza in 1999 after graduating from The College of William & Mary. It's a good state school founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1693, but not a target Wall Street school. How was I able to join such a firm?

I firmly believe it was my well presented resume. It helped me land an interview with a GS recruiter at a career fair. From there, it's up to each of us to make a positive impression during the interviews.

At Goldman I was immediately brought into the hiring process of new candidates after my first year as an analyst. Getting everyone involved in hiring the best people was part of company culture. By the time I left Wall Street in 2012, I was a Director responsible for leading a small team of people in San Francisco.

One of my responsibilities as a senior employee was to be a firm ambassador for undergraduates and MBA graduates at UC Berkeley and Stanford University. I completed my MBA from UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business in 2006 and was happy to attend.

During these events I spent tens of hours meeting with hundreds more interested candidates and assessing their credentials. My resume review and screening skills became quite adept in the process.

Invest In The Last Mile With A Resume Review

The last mile to landing a coveted job after spending all those years in college is based on two key things. Your resume and interviewing abilities. I've seen people spend tens of thousands of dollars on getting a college education. But, then spend NOTHING to actually prepare themselves or their kids for connecting with an employer!

This is an absolute travesty that must be rectified. There's nothing more disappointing than graduating college unemployed with a ton of debt. You don't want to look back and wonder whether you gave everything you got to landing a job.

I'm not guaranteeing you a job out of college. What I am guaranteeing is giving yourself the best possible chance of getting your foot in the door through my Resume Review and Optimization service. I have developed a skill for identifying what works and what doesn't with resumes after all these years. If you are interested in working together further, I also offer interviewing consulting services in various time packages.

Resume Review & Optimization: $500

I will thoroughly review your resume and give you a candid critique in the eyes of a potential employer. I will then point out areas of strengths and areas of weakness for which to improve.

A lot about creating a great resume has to do with perception. I'll optimize your resume with more impactful words. In addition, I'll organize your resume to better stand out from the competition. We'll then wrap up the resume review optimization with a 30 minute online chat session or phone call to make sure everything is in place.

Interview & Communications Optimization: $1,000

Once you get your foot in the door you've got to perform. Your resume is like a script for a masterful or miserable performance. Employers can sense weakness like a wolf can smell blood. I'm here to help you hammer out your weakness and come across as a confident candidate that's fantastic for the job.

I've interviewed over 700 candidates. As a result, I can immediately tell who has a chance and who is wasting my time within the first minute of conversation.

If you sign up for Interview Optimization consultation we'll conduct two one hour live sessions based off your resume and sector of interest. I will act as the interviewer in the exact same capacity during my time as an executive Wall St. I will prep you before each discussion and will provide you written feedback for areas of improvement. Often times we are blind by our communication weaknesses. I'm here to highlight them so you can improve.

We can do the lives sessions either over the phone, over Skype, or in person in San Francisco.

If you are interested in a consultation, please e-mail me at financialsamurai AT gmail DOT com and I will get back to you within 48 hours.

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