I Saw My “FlashForward” And It Was Beautiful

flashforwardIf you haven't seen ABC's latest hit show “FLASHFORWARD”, you better microwave some popcorn and allocate several hours to catch up online!  The basic concept is simple: every single person in the world blackouts at the same time, and most have a flashforward, or a vision of their future of what they are doing for 137 seconds.

The tricky thing is that some didn't have a flashforward, which presumably means he or she will die beforehand.  Your flashforward isn't exactly what it seems either.  For example, you could be popping champagne on a yacht, but that doesn't mean you're a billionaire.  It could just mean you've been invited to a company party and you're still mired in debt.


I saw my flashforward showing me 10 years in the future on a cruise ship.  I'm happy, not worrying about finances anymore because I'm sleeping in on a Tuesday morning.  The house is paid for and I no longer have to work due to the interest income from my “Freedom Fund.” I hear a knock on the door, and it's the cruise ship's on-board room service bringing me fresh orange juice and granola.  The attendant places the tray on the coffee table and I step onto our cabin's deck with my computer.  I kiss the wife and start writing.  The sea breeze is crisp and a seagull glides alongside.


Apparently, my flashforward was all one big government conspiracy!  Instead of cruising the world, I'm just dreaming of my flashforward for $10/minute on a government-provided concoction as the world disintergrates.  Nobody can leave their compounds because the air outside is toxic and there are zombies roaming around.  Websites are actually the only way for people to earn money and communicate since we never have physical contact anymore.  Wait… did I just give away the next 3 seasons?  Sorry!


We should all dream about our future, but be realistic that it may never materialize.  The goal of financial independence sooner, rather than later is what keeps me going.   Yet, I've got to remind myself to enjoy the journey just as much as I believe I'll enjoy the end.  I know the series will have a happy ending, so I'm hopeful that wherever I will be 10 years from now, is exactly where I should be.

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Readers, what did you see in your 137 second flashforward and are you optimistic about the future?


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23 thoughts on “I Saw My “FlashForward” And It Was Beautiful”

  1. I too like the show.

    My view of the future is confused by what I’ve observed daily the last couple years or so. On one hand I’m mostly lovin’ what I see from most 20-somethings. They’re not buying into the ‘Keepin’ up with the Jones” crappola nearly as much as Boomers did.

    On the other hand, the last 50 years has seen the ‘entitled’/gov’t worker crowd begin to close in on the 50% of population level, a terrifying trend. Once we get past that mark for any length of time, it won’t matter what financial goals we have. Who wants to work hard so we can give the majority of our earnings to our neighbors?

    We may look at 2006-2018 as either the time we woke up and went back to who we’ve always been as a people, or when we became just another nation of entitled no-nothings — see much of Europe. I’m bankin’ on the former, as the latter is far too depressing.

  2. I watched the show on Hulu since everyone recommended it and I liked the characters and the subplots, but the whole thing about everyone seeing their future bugs me. Mainly because THE FUTURE HASN’T HAPPENED YET. We may one day be able to control wormholes and see into the past but we can’t see that which doesn’t exist. The future is something we create everyday based on what we are doing moment to moment. One of my favorite lines from the Kung Fu Panda movie (I’ve played the movie in my car dozens of times for my kids) is: “There is a saying: yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the “present.” “.

    1. David – How did we go from FlashForward to Kung Fu Panda?? haha. Well, if you watch 5 more shows, you realize that no matter what the characters do, they haven’t been able to change the images of their future, except one character who jumped off the building! FS

  3. Have you read “The Impossibility of an Island” by French miserabilst Michael Houllebeque (sp?). His future in that sounds a bit like your bad news scenario (only the hero is a clone of a long dead stand up comic).

    Truly depressing book – better I stick to the yacht daydreams I think! :)

    1. Monevator – Interesting. I’ve never read that book. I hear the English and French really have a strong love affair with each other?! Daydreams of yachts and cruising the Mediterranean is all I need mate!

  4. Bucksome Boomer

    I was at home sick recently and spent several hours catching up on this show. It’s a great concept. I like to think that knowing their future means they could change it; but we’ll see.

    Like you, I’m very optimistic about America’s future. I believe our culture includes enough thinking outside the box to do just about anything we set our minds to.

  5. Ha, no I don’t actually. Free ADSL in the UK isn’t all that uncommon. A lot of LLU providers offer it as a “value-added” service on top of the standard landline telephone package.

    Sometimes, you get what you pay for though. When it works, it works great. When it fails, it fails epically.

  6. My internets broke :(
    For two weeks.

    My ISP sucks.. but when it’s free, you can’t complain too loudly.

  7. Gen Y Investor

    Really interesting concept. I always lean towards the optimistic side but my realistic side tells me that our country still has huge problems that need to be addressed. We can overcome these problems but it’ll take hard work and sacrifice. If everyone can take care of themselves and work towards a better future for their family then collectively as a country we’ll move in the right direction one person at a time.

  8. I believe that my future is built on what I do today and who I am today. As long as I do the right thing today, I am certain that my future will be awesome. So far this has proven to be true for me.

    1. Ctreit – Great attitude! Keep it up! I share your attitudes, and I just need to remind myself it’s just as fun striving for a great future as having a great future. Best, FS

  9. haha, nice! Nice writing. I love that show myself. Although I wouldn’t want to know my actual future, it is nice to think about what I want to be doing and work on getting there. Otherwise time goes by too quickly and the future arrives before we even get around to doing anything. If you’ve never read about Noetic science, it’s quite intriguing – who knows what our future could hold if progress continues to be made in that realm.

  10. Craig – I agree that having flexible goals and giving yourself space is important. But, as Mr Miiyagi-san said, “squish like grape” for those who are too scattered!

    An age and monetary goal for retirement are quite strict for me. Especially the age goal.

  11. LeanLifeCoach – Good stuff man. I like your optimism abut your family’s future. I have to imagine that must make you quite happy as well!

    I’m very optimistic about America, and apparently so is Warren Buffet with his 34billion company purchase this week! I believe inflation will be contained, and the US dollar will strengthen.

    All our futures are quite bright! Rgds, FS

  12. kenyantykoon

    i was the richest man in the world and i rules almost everything that the daylight touched :)

  13. I love the show as well and can’t wait for tonight’s episode. Dreaming is good, having goals is good, it keeps you motivated and gives you something to strive for. But I like to keep them loose and broad. Things change all the time whether it could jobs, opinions, preferences, location so having strict goals makes it tough. Need space to be flexible.

  14. I am not convinced that the future for our country is bright, but I am optimistic for my families’ future. Regardless how things shake out, thanks to all that I have learned and continue to learn from so many others my family will be in a better position than most; financially, emotionally and spiritually.

    FS, among many, deserves credit for this. Keep on challenging us!

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