Instead Of Twitter Love What About A Twitter War?

Instead of Twitter love, what about Twitter war? I've been on Twitter since 2009 and I'm also a shareholder.

Twitter is a truly amazing platform. I'm impressed with how some can literally Twitter all day and not get tired.  There is definitely an addictive element to Twitter which makes the program so alluring. There are a ton of announcements of self greatness which I am very fond of reading for some reason.

Twitter Love Examples:

* “I rock because I created an awesome commercial about my product!”

* “My stock picks are up huge and outperforming the markets!”

* “Check out my net worth, killing it up 10%!”

* “Take a look at my new Gravatar picture!  What do you think?  Ain't I cute?”

* “Happy birthday to me!  Come celebrate with me over on my site!”

* “Thanks!” -> What?  “Sweet!” -> What? “Cool!” -> What?

Let's be honest, we love talking about ourselves.  We love consuming things until we barf.  If this wasn't the case, Twitter wouldn't be the hit it is today.  I wonder though, what would happen if we created a Twitter War where everything we wrote was disparaging and angry?

Twitter War Examples:

* “Shut the hell up already!  Nobody cares about your stupid book!  We got the last 32 tweets!”

* “If you are such a social media guru, why are you begging for money online?”

* “Instead of talking about how rich you are, why don't you go choke on it instead?”

* “You look 10 years older and a little heavier.  I almost didn't even recognize you in your new gravatar picture!”

* “Listen dork, just ask her out already!  It's so obvious you have a crush on her since you insta-response every time she writes!”

* “No, I don't want to follow you on the new Digg or Tip your damn post!”

* “Didn't know there are full time jobs that pay you to tweet all day  Oh wait, there aren't.  Get back to work!”

Do you think a Twitter War or Twitter Love would generate a lot of followers and new ideas?  I wonder what would happen.  Hmmmm.  Just do me a favor.  Please tell @Financialsamura to SHUT THE HELL UP if I'm being too obnoxious on Twitter!  That way, our War can begin!

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38 thoughts on “Instead Of Twitter Love What About A Twitter War?”

  1. hahaha that’s funny. Twitter is quite an amazing platform. I’m not that good at using it very often but it’s a great way to share ideas and keep on top of what’s going on in the world. It’ll be quite interesting to see the platform evolve over the years.

  2. I like twitter as a marketing tool. I don’t really understand how people get addicted to it. But I guess it can be addicting and it can be misused. Your examples made me laugh.

  3. I suspect that a few people being negative could pull it off, if they position themselves as a straight shooter expressing frustration that others are already feeling toward big institutions. But most people will just turn off followers by being negative. Not worth the risk. And not worth turning oneself into something negative, either.

  4. I do not use Twitter nearly enough as I probably should because there are so many exciting things going on with me. For instance, I was at a soccer game this morning and nobody but my family even realized it…

    Seriously though, I need to get better at social media. I use twitter to learn about others, but I do not post much myself.

    Thanks for including my link Sam!

  5. I love this!

    What I hate are the people who intro their (or their buds) posts with

    “This post will shatter your life”
    “This post will change your life”

    And then the post is yet another stupid post about how we should quit our jobs and blog from a beach in a warm place.


    ps Sorry about all the book tweets. :)

    1. Jacq @ Single Mom Rich Mom

      Love it! Because they’re mostly 22 year olds that just moved away from home Mike.

      I quit my P/T job and went to the beach for the summer. It was even warm. But I spent my time enjoying myself, not blogging about it (well, once – to let people know I was still alive) or twittering it. They’re pimping a lifestyle that (I’m guessing) feels a lot better when you’re financially independent and not having to sell someone something to make a buck or two.

  6. I’m still trying to figure Twitter out – hence the reason I keep tweeting the same frickin’ thing over and over again! – or I’m an idiot. The jury’s still out on this one. I can’t say I love it or hate it, it’s just there.

  7. I am guilty of not using Twitter enough. I have just started tweeting more and would proudly or sadly (depends on how you look at it) fall into the self promoting category! And I don’t know about the Giants winning the series pick. The Yankees ae still alive!

      1. There is no salary cap and they are the defending champs!
        The guilt part comes into play when someone self promotes so much that it turns their followers off.

  8. Sandy @ yesiamcheap

    I tweet some freebies on twitter. When I do a twitter link round-up it helps with traffic but it’s a lot of work. I guess for me it’s another marketing tool, but I use it more and more to communicate with teh Yakexie.

  9. Real Estate Investing

    I haven’t been very active on Twitter until I joined the Yakezie challenge. You guys and gals have really brought me out of my shell and small internet circle and I am loving it.

    Oh yeah, SHUT THE HELL UP!!! LOL

    And yes, I did share this on twitter to you, so I guess the war is on!

  10. Thanks for highlighting my post! I’m much less active on Twitter than I used to be before my son was born, but I try to stay up-to-date with my “high-priority” lists. :)

  11. Thanks for including me in your wrap up. Dude, you don’t know what Technorati is? It’s like a blog ranking website and people try and get a higher “technorati rank”. I don’t really care for it since I deleted the account already.

    How are you going to go for a steak dinner with Dr. Dean? Aren’t you on the coast and he’s inland? =) Is Dr. Dean going to fly you out from SF?

    1. I know what Technorati is :) I just donno what the relevance is.

      Dr. Dean is a rich man and a jetsetter! He must come out to the great city of SF once in a while! I’m patient.

      1. Sandy @ yesiamcheap

        I thought that I was the only one! I don’t get the importance of Technorati since not every blog is on there. Seems…arbitrary.

      2. I live in Georgia, which is a long way from the “left coast” but I am thinking of planning a Yakezie get together someplace next year. And I, too am patient about Sam’s picking up the check!

        As to rich, I am rich in material possessions, and friendships by most standards, but not quite to the point of having my own G5. Alas, I must keep working! But since I love all my many jobs, life is good!

  12. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t seem to mesh well with twitter.

    I have a twitter account just because I hear how awesome it is. Yet, I’m not addicted to it, and don’t find much use with it. I remind myself to tweet once in a while so that people who follow me have a reason to do so.

    So far, my social networking has mostly been on Seeking Alpha, Motley Fool, and various forums instead.

    1. It’s kinda a funny thing in the beginning, but then you start getting to know folks and have fun quirky conversations. If you have questions about things, people are eager to help.

      Donno, I can’t follow too much b/c it’s off most of the day. Only early mornings, nights, and weekends.

  13. I’m guilty of being too “ranty” and negative on Twitter. I’m actually a very content, happy guy in real life and for whatever reason, I get so pissed at how screwed up things are in the country and rant on Twitter. There’s already so much negativity out there, I think people would probably relate better to something positive…like you’re constant optimism on the economy Sam! Anyway, keep up the fun tweets and posts, I’ll be following!

  14. Investor Junkie

    I always wondered why I didn’t have that many followers. ;-)

    I always thought I would mention articles and things I see happening in the economy.

    I guess I need to talk more about myself and how great I am.

    1. Investor Junkie

      Let me add unless you are a A or B list celeb, no one cares what you are doing during the day. Unless it pertains to your niche blog/business, for the most part no one cares. No cares you slept with 14 Duke lacrosse players and created a PowerPoint presentation.

      So don’t tweet, post a facebook entry or blog about it. Call me crazy, even then I personally could care less what any celeb does during their day.

      IMHO with my personal twitter and facebook accounts I like to post observations and things I find funny. I may post family pics, but mainly on facebook since it’s just friends and family.

      To me that is what keeps people engaged. It’s not all about you ;-)

  15. Invest It Wisely

    Thanks for the mention Sam! Yep, taxes in Quebec are high, and Canadians don’t place much value on time. Healthcare is “free”, but my grandmother has been waiting more than 6 months for a hernia operation now. Given the tax load you gotta question how free it is, too!

    Loved the anonymity roundup, too. I’m only semi-anonymous, but sometimes I would prefer to be completely anonymous. My blog is not linked to my legal name at least, but it is linked to my name and face at least one time. :S

  16. LOL, I am not very active on Twitter, and recently I brought down the number of people I follow from 400 or so to 70 something precisely because of what you say. Man everyone on Twitter is such a rock-star and I felt like such a loser….great idea!

  17. The Financial Blogger

    Thx for the mention Sam…. I’m writing a post about how I am “happy” to pay taht much taxes ;-). You’ll see that next Wednesday ;-0

    Twitter War… very funny! But the funniest part is that if you start doing this for real on twitter, you will probably duplicate your number of followers. I’m sure there is a “market” for such tweet ;-D

    enjoy the weekend!

  18. Sam, if I knew how, I would show a picture to your young readers of Pres. Truman, holding up the Chicago Tribune, with the headline “Dewey Wins”

    Don’t count your chickens, our Braves will beat you at the last minute. 11th inning homer to your precious cove, by a has-been pitcher, now an outfielder!

    Series moves to ATL, tied 1-1. Go Braves!

    1. Khaleef @ KNS Financial

      Dr. Dean, you’re a Braves fan as well?!?! It’s great to have another genius in Yakezie…thought I was alone for a minute!

      1. Well Khaleef, yesterday it went from heaven to hell in just a few minutes. But thatsbaseball!

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