Is Melania Edwards From HSBC Real? Of Course Not

Is Melania Edwards HSBC Business Insider real?
Nobody strolls down an empty Lombard Street to work at 8:30am

Surprise! Melania Edwards, the executive from HSBC who claims to:

1) wake up at 5:30am in San Francisco every day to meditate

2) play tennis at 7:30am

3) walk to work at 8:30am

4) take a 1.5 hour lunch break at 12noon,

5) head down to Palo Alto an hour away for some class at Stanford while also helping women in Papua New Guinea with their tech startups

6) do yoga at 7:30pm

7) eat dinner with her boyfriend at 9pm

8) and then go for a walk to reflect on her wins

….. is NOT REAL. Or at the very least, she does not live the fabulous life she claims.

Melania Edwards: Curating A Fabulous Life

Just like how Instagram and Facebook highlight the most curated pictures of people's wonderful lives to see, Melania Edwards has done the same in an expose all about her.

The Business Insider profile of Melania Edwards is an advertorial for why people should work at HSBC. With the rise in popularity of technology and internet companies, the finance industry has had a tougher time recruiting talent to join them.

Unfortunately, HSBC's attempt has backfired because social media got hold of the article and made it a laughing stock. Nobody is this stupid to try and show off this hard to the world unless they are desperately insecure or simply removed from all reality. If you want to know what real people who work in investment banking are like, here's what type of people work at Goldman Sachs.

Is Melania Edwards real?

Melania Edwards Is Not Real

I'm based in San Francisco. I know people in the Global Venture Capital Group at big banks like Bank of America and HSBC and nobody knows who Melanie Edwards is. Melania Edwards LinkedIn profile is also highly curated with all these continuing education degrees. But they forgot to put her undergraduate degree.

She doesn't have a working profile on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram either. This is strange, given how in love she is with herself.

Is Melania Edwards real from HSBC?

Good Publicity Stunt

It's hard enough for the tier 1 banks to hire people, we now know how difficult it must be for the next tier of banks with this publicity stunt.

Don't be fooled folks. The desire for prestige is ruining lives. All this thirst for attention will do Melania and others like her no good. They'll wake up one day crying into their hands when they realize even their most curated fake life isn't making them happy.

Instead, seek financial freedom and practice the wise art of stealth wealth. You'll be much happier living your life in peace!

As for companies looking to create fake profiles for recruiting, it's important to not write a script around highly stages pictures. Through in some other people in the background. Highlight some of the bad things as well. Nobody can relate to this type of life because it is such BS!

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