Is Policygenius Safe To Shop For Insurance?

Are you concerned about whether Policygenius is safe to use for comparing and buying insurance? The answer is yes! Read on to learn why Policygenius is safe to shop with, how to use their free platform, plus get answers to other common questions.

Policygenius Is A Safe Insurance Marketplace

What is Policygenius exactly? Policygenius is a safe and reliable online insurance marketplace. It's the best of its kind and offers free, secure, real-time quotes for consumers. Thanks to their technology and extensive network, you can get fast, free quotes for life insurancehomeowners, auto insurance and more.

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How Do You Use Policygenius?

It's very simple to use Policygenius to shop for insurance policies. To start, just visit the Policygenius website, select which insurance product you're interested in, enter your basic information, and voila!

In just a few minutes you'll get customized insurance quotes for free. The entire process is safe and your personal information will never be sold or redistributed.

Plus, the insurance carrier names aren't hidden with the free quotes, so you can easily see which companies are offering the best pricing.

A few examples of the highly rated and trusted carriers that quote on Policygenius include Prudential, AIG, Nationwide, Travelers, and Pacific Life. Additionally, there's zero obligation to buy.

Why Is Policygenius The Best Insurance Marketplace?

Policygenius' biggest strength is their life insurance policy marketplace. I'm confident Policygenius is the best life insurance marketplace because I've used them firsthand. Plus, I've met and spoken to their senior management multiple times.

For background, I bought a life insurance policy in my 30s through a top carrier and thought I got a great deal. But it wasn't until having a second child many years later that I found out I was actually overpaying for years!

Thanks to Policygenius, I was able to get more life insurance coverage for my family for less than what I was paying in the past. And for those of you who aren't familiar with life insurance, premiums typically rise significantly as you age. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to get a larger life insurance policy at a lower cost than my old policy.

Utilizing their safe technology can help you save up to 50% on life insurance. Plus, they help streamline the entire insurance purchasing process. Get more details in our thorough Policygenius review.

If you're still on the fence about whether you need a policy, read about the many benefits of life insurance. It can help protect your family and loved ones while also helping you sleep better at night.

Policygenius Provides Safe Insurance Quotes For Free

When I was shopping for life insurance on Policygenius, I did the entire process from start to finish using my computer with a few brief follow-up phone calls. Being able to compare free quotes in minutes across the top carriers was so helpful.

Here's a glance at their straightforward pricing calculator, which is so easy to use. Check it out.

Policygenius Life Insurance Cost Calculator
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Policygenius Is Safe And Reliable

What's great about Policygenius is they do all the legwork involved with making tough insurance decisions on behalf of their customers. Plus, they do this at no extra cost for consumers and assist with the application and purchasing process.

Policygenius is not an actual insurance company. Thus, you get safe, unbiased help from start to finish. In addition, they're available to explain the pros and cons of different policies and options in simple terms. Their goal is to help you find a policy that best meets your needs at the lowest price.

Policygenius always keeps all of your information and data safe and secure. And you can rest assured they will never sell it to third parties.

Will Policygenius pressure you to buy a particular insurance policy?

Nope! Policygenius will not pressure you to sign and pay for a specific insurance policy. However, when you call an insurance carrier directly for a quote, their objective is to sell you a policy that fits your needs while also trying to get the most money out of you.

Policygenius on the other hand is not an insurance company. Nor do they own one. They are a free insurance marketplace that's safe and pressure-free.

What does that mean? Policygenius employees aren't salespeople paid on commission. So you get to see and compare multiple quotes the top insurance carriers simultaneously in one place without a sales pitch.

In addition, Policygenius is incentivized to fight for you, not the insurance companies. Thus, the Policygenius team advocates on your behalf to help you find the best-fitting life insurance policy at the lowest price.

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Is Policygenius Biased?

Since Policygenius is an insurance marketplace, not an actual insurance company, they are completely unbiased. It also means they’ll never sell your information to a third-party vendor.

So you don't have to worry about getting a bunch of phone calls from random, shady salespeople trying to get you to sign up for a service.

What’s also great for consumers is the prices you see are not inflated. Thus, whether you buy a particular policy through Policygenius or directly from the insurer, you’ll always pay the same price.

In other words, using Policygenius to compare and buy insurance does not cost you any extra money. They help save you time and money by being able to compare real-time prices across companies simultaneously.

Is Policygenius Only For Comparing Quotes?

Policygenius gets you safe, free quote comparisons for life insurancehomeowners insurancerenters insurancedisability insurance, and more.

But not only that, you can purchase policies through Policygenius as well. I got free life insurance quotes, chose to apply to a Principal term life policy, and purchased it all through the Policygenius website. It's a safe, one stop shopping experience that couldn't be easier.

The team of Policygenius experts is available to guide you through the comparison and application process step by step if you need them. In addition, they are available to assist you with scheduling a medical exam (if necessary) and answering any questions about paperwork.

Plus, they can even help negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf for free. 

Policygenius' customer service is safe, friendly, and supportive. Plus their response times are fast. I had great service with their licensed experts both over the phone and email. And I will always be grateful they helped me get a lot more protection for my family for less money.

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