Let “Freement” Reign! Spending Paralysis, Material Lust And Obsession

Freement is great! But what is freemen? For those of you who don't know, I'm a recovering car fanatic

Funny enough, the way I deal with my addiction is to go to the BMW dealer!  I also go to the Audi, Mercedes, Honda, Land Rover and Porsche dealers too, but only the BMW dealer is on my way home and has an easy parking lot to leave Moose unattended.  I wonder if they cut out the free popcorn and diet cokes because of me.  Hmmm.

Over the past 3 years, I must have visited the BMW dealer at least 65 times to the dismay of the sales people.  They must have a code word for my type, “cheap bastard” or “stop wasting my time you poor SOB” maybe, but I don't care.  Nothing thrills me more than sitting in a brand new, over-priced automobile and inhaling that unbeatable new car smell!  After every experience, I deftly try and avoid the salespeople and pick up a new brochure so I can extend the enjoyment at home.

In fact, as a joke I wrapped up the latest Land Rover LR4 brochure for Christmas and gave it to my wife.  I told her she should expect a nice shiny black on black beast when we get back to San Francisco.  She was kinda amused, not really.

If the salespeople insist on going for a test drive, who am I to argue?  But, I make it a point to only waste the time of the most eager of sales people beavers.  The fun of gunning a $80,000 BMW M3 every other month is such a thrill!  Besides, I hear they get a little commission for every test drive anyway.

Feement New Obsession

Ever since I spent $1,450 on an impulse buy at The Apple store this September, and subsequently returned the darn thing weeks later, I've been obsessed.  If we're in the mall, or some general shopping area, I must pay a visit, or 30+ visits since Sept more accurately! 

The Genius Bar is wonderful, and all the shiny toys for us to play with for free is such a joy.  Like “Moose”, my current iBook G4 is old and slow, but that's what makes each visit to that much more exciting!

Did you know that over 80% of the computers sold over $1,000 are from Apple?  It's not a surprise to me because their products and customer service rock.  Too bad they are just too smart for the US consumer. 

The current Macbook Pro is getting dated after the   the latest Macbook edition.  I'm patiently waiting until the latest MBP comes out next year.  Until then, more fun visits!

THE PROBLEM With Freement

It's not like I can't afford a new computer, it's just that I have spending paralysis on things I don't absolutely need.  I also have spending paralysis on myself.  If the gift is for my wife or my parents I'm all for it!  I often tease my wife that she always gets the new stuff, and I get her hand me downs, which I get for her in the first place.  It makes me happy though, and isn't that all that matters?

The question I've been thinking over and over is whether or not my frugality is being taken too far?  Why shouldn't I drive a nicer car that have car seat controls that actually work and brakes that aren't so squishee?  Why not produce prose on a speedier machine with a more eye-friendly monitor?  A $1,000 Macbook Pro just consumes 1% of the “Freedom Fund” but still, I cannot let them swipe my card.

Not Sure Of I Can Change My Freement Ways

The thrill of material things lies in the anticipation of buying, but not actually going through with the purchase.
I'm the type of person who is sometimes more excited a week before the vacation, than during the vacation because every day spent on the vacation is one less day of relaxation!  Buying material goods brings down my utility, because the brief feeling of happiness gets consumed by the permanent loss of money.

Sometimes I must have something, and go ahead and buy the darn thing, but return it before the return policy runs out (“Controlling The Urge To Splurge”).  Some say it's malicious to buy something with no intention of purchase.  Hak-fooey!  Why is there a return policy in the first place?  It's so the consumer can try before they buy or give us consumers a financial self-destruction insurance policy!

I never thought I'd be obsessed with another “freement” (free + enjoyment) store like the BMW dealer.  But, thanks to Apple I guess there is.  A special shout out to Brookstone for all those wonderful chair massages you've given, as well as props to Barnes & Nobles for the magazine experiences.  Let freement reign!

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Readers, what are your material obsessions and how do you deal with your obsessions to prevent financial ruin? Freement reigns!

Why do women go crazy over shoes, clothing, and hand bags, while men tend to splurge on cars and electronics?  Is a $5,000 Hermes handbag more ridiculous than a $50,000 BMW?

Do you have spending paralysis on yourself?  How do you get out of it and return to center?


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40 thoughts on “Let “Freement” Reign! Spending Paralysis, Material Lust And Obsession”

  1. I was lucky enough to get a company car BMW 3.5 years ago, it was a 525i. I have to admit it wasn’t all that impressive, compared to what I expected it would be.

    My only guilty pleasure was getting it up to 120 MPH as there are very few speed traps here in Thailand. The downside is if you have an accident you have to pay to fix all damages and hospital bills!

    There is absolutely, no point getting a BMW in the US. Because in CA if you go over 100 MPH you risk losing your license for the first offense, and high end German cars are designed to go well in excess of 100 MPH. Unless you are in Thailand, Germany or maybe the middle east, you are wasting your time getting this car.

    Unlesss you are doing it for status. In that case get a BMW shell and put it around a Hyundai! You will be much better off.


  2. 1) Have I wanted this for less than 30 days?
    2) Have I managed to live without this so far?
    3) Would I ever want to upgrade this?
    4) Am I prepared to live with this purchase until it wears out?

    These questions will check all impulse buys and only allow buys that will increase quality of life.
    It may take a while but eventually one will end up with some really nice stuff. It’s a good thing too because proceeding this way is expensive too.

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