Lone Mountain Preschool Review: Save Your Money And Time

Lone Mountain preschool is considered one of the more prestigious preschools in San Francisco, California. Unfortunately, the school is very homogenous and caters to mostly wealthy white families.

In this day and age of college bribery, legacy admissions, and systemic racism, some have wondered where this culture all starts?

The answer is it starts in preschool. But not any preschool. The most hoity toity and elite preschools that work like a private club where only the wealthy, the connected, and legacies get in.

Unfortunately, Lone Mountain Preschool in San Francisco fits this description. Lone Mountain Preschool pretends they have a meritocracy by claiming they use a lottery system for entry. But when you see the families attending the school, you realize the system is rigged for those who have money and connections.

Lone Mountain Preschool Review

Lone Mountain is located at 1806 Belles Road in The Presidio In San Francisco.

Lone Mountain says entrance is based on a blind lottery system during the application process, but it's not true. They pick and choose their applicants based on their family backgrounds, their level of wealth, and whether they are legacies.

I know this because I played doubles one day and three of the fathers all had children who went to Lone Mountain. They were all white and they were all rich.

The Admissions System Is Rigged

If the admissions system was really a lottery, and if the acceptance rate is really 1-2%, there is no way all three fathers would be on the same court. They also gave me insight into how the admission system works.

Below is an example of a 2020 rejection letter sent to me by one of their executive directors.

If you believe in a meritocracy and diversity, sending your child to Lone Mountain preschool is not for you. Just look at the lack of diversity featured on their homepage at lonemountain.org.

Lone Mountain preschool makes you pay a $100 application fee. They also encourage you to apply during your child's FIRST 3 MONTH'S OF LIFE! Then, they won't contact you for the next two or three years until they one day send you a rejection letter in the mail. This process shuts out lower socioeconomic families.

The $100 application fee is a racket and should be refunded. It's like stealing from the working class and giving money to support the wealthy class's children.

Lone Mountain Preschool Schedule

If you are a working parent, Lone Mountain Preschool's schedule will likely not work for you either. Again, it's another way to keep the working class out, and the wealthy class in.

The wealthy will have a stay at home spouse at the very least and a nanny working for the family. There's no other way if you only get Tuesday and Thursday for your toddler from 9 am to 1 pm.

Tuesday-Thursday Class
9:00 to 1:00
(2 yrs, 7 mos  to  3 yrs, 5 mos)

Monday-Wednesday-Friday Class
9:00 to 1:30
(3 yrs, 6 mos  to  4 yrs, 4 mos) 

Pre-Kindergarten Class
8:30 to 2:00 (M – F)  
(4 yrs, 5 mos  to  5 yrs, 4 mos)

Tuition At Lone Mountain Preschool

 Ten Monthly InstallmentsFull School Year
Tuesday-Thursday Class$1,100.00$11,000.00
Monday-Wednesday-Friday Class$1,570.00$15,700.00
Pre-Kindergarten Class$2,200.00$22,000.00

Don't Apply To Lone Mountain Preschool

Save your money and time. Don't bother applying to Lone Mountain preschool in the Presidio. Structurally, the demand for preschool spots in all of San Francisco is high. So it's not just Lone Mountain's problem of not having space.

But since you get to choose, consider much more diverse and better-ranked preschools like Stepping Stones Preschool instead. Their student body is much more reflective of San Francisco and America as a whole.

Letting your kid grow up in a homogenous bubble is will give you a sense that you are better able to protect your child. But what happens when they finally go out in the real world? Are you going to continue trying to shelter them once they become adults? I don't think so.

I'm sure all the teachers at Lone Mountain are great and nice. Just know that preschools like Lone Mountain are the genesis of a widening gap between the rich and poor. They want the wealthiest families in order to raise the most amount of money. They perpetuate inequality in America.

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Stef, San Francisco Culture Reporter

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