Serena Williams Is NOT A Nerd. We’re Sorry!

Serena Williams is the greatest tennis player today.

Apparently someone sent over last week's article, “Revenge of The Nerds: Golf and Tennis Are #1” to Serena Williams, and it just pissed her off!  Serena's anger built up so much, she finally blew her top  against a lines official after calling a foot fault.  

Serena screamed, “I swear to God, I'm going to take this ball and shove it down your f*cking throat!”  We then noticed her mumble something like, “Can't believe some stupid website called me a nerd” and went after the lines judge some more!

Serena, we just wanted to make a public announcement that the staff over here at Financial Samurai didn't mean to call you a nerd specifically.  

In fact, our point of the article was to highlight you are the #1 most popular female athlete in America, and provided inspiration for all us “nerds” growing up!  

With your glistening guns, aggressive baseline attacks, and $30 million a year in earnings, we were impressed!  However, after last night's outburst, and you not willing to apologize afterwards, we're not your fans anymore.

Every minute you wait is literally dollars out the window, Serena.  In fact, we hear Puma executives are on a conference call right now discussing the fate of your endorsement contract.  

What's compounding the problem is that Kim Clijisters is one of the most beloved players on the circuit.  She just had a baby a year and a half ago for goodness sakes, and is now the US Open champion!  Way to go Kim!  Serena, hurry up and apologize to the world!

Financial Samurai's,  besides Ohio State University blowing their 5 point lead to USC with several minutes to go in the 4th quarter, Serena's outburst is topic du jour!  If you haven't hit the public courts and found a tennis partner since “Revenge of The Nerds: Golf and Tennis Are #1” was published, make sure you have an opinion on these two events come work time tomorrow.  Seek out your sports crazed senior colleagues and banter!


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6 thoughts on “Serena Williams Is NOT A Nerd. We’re Sorry!”

  1. You hardly ever see tennis players blow up like that, which is strange because they are under tremendous pressure. It happens though, just as in any sport. Tennis players seem to be cool, calm and collected most of the time though.

  2. Tennis is simply not high on the list of “sports I like to watch.” With college and nfl football, hard to imagine having time to watch tennis.

    By the way, does anybody think Adrian Peterson ISN’T the best player in the league?

    1. David – Adrian is definitely one of the best running backs for sure! Awesome breakaway this past weekend. You may not like to watch tennis, but I recommend you try and play it, to add to your repertoire. You just never know. Your potential interviewer may be a tennis fanatic and you guys will instantly click.

  3. Gen Y Investor

    I never watch tennis… but last night I just happened to be at my future in-laws house and my fiance’s father was watching this match. I got to watch this incident live and I said that if this is normal for tennis I’ve been missing out!

    -Gen Y Investor

    1. The heat of the moment is pretty normal, but not this type of abusive verbarrage! Quite entertaining and appreciated by anybody who has ever participated in competitive sports. However, Serena needs to apologize immediately.

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