Racist Thomas L. Keon, Chancellor Of Purdue University Northwest

Purdue University Northwest Chancellor Thomas L. Keon is racist against Asian people. Take a look at what he said during a graduation ceremony on December 14, 2022.

Why Is Thomas L. Keon Racist?

You might not think what Thomas L. Keon did was racist, but I do as an Asian-American. I've experienced this type of racism since going to high school and college in Virginia from 1991 – 1999.

Despite all that's happened since the pandemic began, Thomas L. Keon publicly makes fun of Asians and Asian-Americans with a tired trope. It's sad, annoying, and tiring.

It is strange to me why Thomas L. Keon would want to ruin his reputation and the reputation of Purdue University Northwest, which then unfairly hurts graduates looking for jobs. As the Chancellor, you're supposed to try and elevate the school's reputation, not hurt it.

One of the reasons why Asian income is so high is because Asians can't rely on the gatekeepers to give us a fair shake. Whether it's demanding higher grades and test scores to get into universities to shutting Asian authors out from reading our own books, Asians need to rely on ourselves to survive.

Maybe Thomas L. Keon displayed racism for the world to see because he is ignorant. Maybe he has never traveled internationally and only speaks English. Whatever the reason is for Keon's racism, he needs to be fired.

Here is the apology letter by Purdue University Northwest.

Purdue University Northwest Chancellor Thomas L. Keon apology

Don't Rely On Anybody To Get Ahead

If it's not clear by now, competition is fierce. The world is a cruel place where people tend to take care of their own. The type of racism displayed by Thomas L. Keon is out in public and spoken in private everywhere.

I highly recommend you save aggressively and build more passive income so you can have more freedom to do what you want. Do not rely on anybody for greater wealth and happiness.

Thomas L. Keon's racism is just another example of why you need to take care of yourself and fight for your family.

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