What Happened To Tiger Mom Amy Chua’s Kids?

Back in 2011, Amy Chua, Yale law professor and mother of two grade school children, penned an incredibly fascinating article entitled, “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” on the WSJ. 

Professor Chua was a first generation American who went to Harvard undergrad and then to Harvard Law School. As a tenured professor teaching at one of the most prestigious law schools in the world, I feel for her kids! Think about all the expectations that are put on them since her husband, Jeb, is also a tenured law professor at Yale.

If her daughters Sophia and Lulu Chua-Rubenfield don't end up to at least become tenured professors or superstars in their own professions, then what? Perhaps all the tiger mom nurture was not worth it.

What Happened To Tiger Mom Amy Chua's Kids?

Now that it's 10 years later, whatever happened to Amy Chua's kids? Are they great successes after so much nurturing? Let's take a look at their public LinkedIn profiles as of 2021.

Sophia Chua-Rubenfield – Is now a JAG lawyer since August 2019 after graduating from Yale Law School in 2018 and Harvard University in in 2015.

Lulu Chua-Rubenfield – Graduated from Harvard University in 2018 and is currently at Harvard Law School (2022 graduating class).

To have both your kids go to Harvard is quite impressive! Supposedly ~57,000 people applied to Harvard in 2021 and less than 4% were accepted. Therefore, let's give credit to Amy Chua for her tiger ways.

Without extensive nurture, it seems improbably for one, let alone two children to get into Harvard. That said, as we learned from the Harvard lawsuit, children of alumni and faculty have preferential treatment.

Let's hope Sophia and Lulu go on to do great things and change the world!

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