When Will The 2019 Government Shutdown And Furlough End?

When will the 2019 government shutdown and furlough end?

After the 16-day long government shutdown in 2013 where 800,000 furloughed workers didn't get paid, the US government is going through another shutdown in 2019. Trump wants $5.7 billion for a southern border wall and the Democratic-controlled congress doesn’t want to pay for it, hence the stalemate.

After the government shut down again on midnight Dec 22, 2018, the cost to the American tax payer is now running over $6 billion, ironically more than the estimated cost to build the southern border wall.

The US now has the longest shutdown ever on record. The previous record was 21 days long.

It is clear the US government is dysfunctional, and continues to commit self-inflicted wounds to hurt the American people as a whole. After a dismal 2018, where the S&P 500 went down -6.4%, 2019 won't fair much better if the US Government and the US Fed continue to be so clueless.

It’s my estimate the shutdown will end by mid-February, 2019, and cost the US taxpayers over $15 billion in wasted dollars. The Senate has already voted to pay retroactively, despite no services being rendered by thousands of furloughed workers.

Before the government opens up, Trump will declare a national emergency and start building a wall to protect our southern border.

He's been adamant over the news media and social media to build the wall. At least he is trying to follow through on his campaign promises.

Who And What Does The Government Shutdown Affect?

Some 800,000 federal workers missed their first paycheck since the shutdown began.

Some businesses have resorted to offering furlough freebies, such as free meals and restaurant discounts, to tide the displaced workers over until their next check.

Tourists in the nation’s capital have been forced to come up with alternative itineraries as a result of the shutdown. Popular tourist attractions like the National Zoo, the Smithsonian museums and national monuments are all closed.

National parks across the country have been feeling the shutdown’s impact. Trash is piling up, and there is vandalism at places like Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California.

Air travel has been hampered by the shutdown. Aviation groups have warned of longer wait times and possible checkpoint closures at major airports and have raised concerns that passenger safety and security has been compromised.

Company IPOs are getting delayed as SEC employees aren't working. For example, the Uber and Lyft IPOs are being delayed by at least the length of the shutdown as lawyers can't do their filings.

Building The Border Wall For Safety

Trump's best line so far is, “Not because they hate the people outside, but because they love the people inside.”

As a father, I would give anything to protect my son from outside intruders. If that means building a wall around my house to keep my family safe, then so be it. Alas, I've settled for multiple cameras, motion sensors, a gate, a couple warning signs, and a back fence instead.

I don't see how protecting our border is racist. There is nothing wrong with blocking illegal citizens from entering and allowing legal citizens to enter. Citizens have a fundamental right to safety and protection as taxpayers. I don't know anybody who wouldn't do anything to protect their family members.

I've seen how the rich and powerful live here in San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi's home city. They not only have walls, but have security detail 24/7.

The guy sitting nonchalantly on the side of the road every time you go buy is an undercover security guard. The rich not only have their private security details, but they also share private security details with their neighbors.

It is completely hypocritical to have a wall and security details around your house because you want to protect your family, and then argue that building a southern border security wall is immoral.

This hypocrisy is why I hate ego-hungry politicians. They are always doing one thing but saying another. Here are more examples:

  • Government employees don't get paid during a shutdown, but all members of Congress do.
  • If government is so pro supporting public schools, why do so many government officials send their kids to private school?
  • There is a marriage penalty tax because the government is sexist and does not believe 1+1 = 2, but 1.2 instead.

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