Why Is Building A Wall Between The US And Mexico Considered Racist?

Why is building a wall between the US and Mexico considered racist?

The US government went through another shutdown in 2019 because Congress refused to fund a wall between the United States and Mexico border for $5.7 billion.

Many Democrats decry building a wall as racist against Mexicans. Yet at the same time, many Democratic politicians have walls of their own surrounding their homes along with security cameras. Some of the wealthiest Democrats even have private security detail that camp outside their house 24/7.

Protecting your loved ones is serious. Who wouldn't give everything they have to bring a loved one's life back? Who wouldn't be willing to take a bullet or spend all their money to protect a loved one? As a father, I know I would.

Claiming that building a wall is racist is bad politics as usual. Using the race card is trying to create racial tension and make Republicans out to be racists. Sure, I'm sure there are some Republicans who are racists, but building a wall is about national security.

How many examples have we heard about an illegal alien raping a US citizen, murdering a US citizen, beating up a US citizen? One bad incident is one too many.

Think about the motives of someone who is willing to illegally come to another country. Sure, perhaps they are fleeing a bad situation in their home country, like we are seeing in Syria.

But maybe there are people who have committed crimes in their home country who are looking to escape. Someone who is willing to take such a risk to come to the United States illegally probably has some issues that are not wanted by the United States.

In the last two years, ICE officers made 266,000 arrests of aliens with Criminal Records, including those charged or convicted of 100,000 assaults, 30,000 sex crimes & 4000 violent killings. Surely a wall could help.

It is not racist to protect US citizens. We are tax payers who deserve to be protected by the government. If 330 million US citizens pay for the wall, that comes out to just $16 per person.

Let us not take for granted our freedom and ability to walk down the street and not fear for our lives, like some do in other countries.

Let's welcome immigrants who come to the United States legally with open arms. But let's do more to protect our citizens. There are enough struggling people in America already. Let's use our resources to help our own before helping another.

It is clear the US government is dysfunctional, and continues to commit self-inflicted wounds to hurt the American people as a whole.

Building The Border Wall For Safety

Trump's best line so far is, “Not because they hate the people outside, but because they love the people inside.”

As a father, I would give anything to protect my son from outside intruders. If that means building a wall around my house to keep my family safe, then so be it. Alas, I've settled for multiple cameras, motion sensors, a gate, a couple warning signs, and a back fence instead.

It is completely hypocritical to have a wall and security details around your house because you want to protect your family, and then argue that building a southern border security wall is immoral.

This hypocrisy is why I hate ego-hungry politicians. They are always doing one thing but saying another. Here are more examples:

  • Government employees don't get paid during a shutdown, but all members of Congress do.
  • If government is so pro supporting public schools, why do so many government officials send their kids to private school?
  • There is a marriage penalty tax because the government is sexist and does not believe 1+1 = 2, but 1.2 instead.

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Recommendation To Build Wealth

Nobody should rely on the government to achieve financial freedom. Social Security is underfunded by roughly 70%. The US government consistently runs large budget deficits. Meanwhile, healthcare costs are out of control.

Now, half the government is claiming that building a wall is racist. As a result, the government is going through a record length of time for a shutdown. Tens of billions of dollars are now going to be wasted due to the shutdown, whereas the wall was estimated to only cost $5.7 billion.

How stupid is this? We could have used the tens of billions of dollars to build a wall and help feed the homeless. Instead, we get none stop bickering.

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