And The First $1,000 MBA Giveaway Winner Is………..

The first winner is Eric, a senior from UCLA!  Eric commented sincerely about his concerns post graduation, and whether or not it is a good idea to go to a “2nd tier” business school or just work for whatever company that hires him first.

We’ll be working with Eric to strategize a plan after UCLA and coach him through the process of finding a job in his desired field of finance, or applying to business school.

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We’ve decided to keep the competition open for another week to see if there are any other folks out there interested since we said there would be two winners!  How many times have you gone on Craigslist to inquire about that something you’ve wanted, to only find out it was sold!  We hope by extending the competition we’ll be able to give more people a chance to discover our giveaway.

Twitters please feel free to e-mail me as well about your interests, because besides being so generous about retweeting, I’m not entirely sure whether some of you are at this time interested in applying to b-school.

We’d love to help so don’t be shy.  Happy Halloween!

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  1. Suzan says

    Congratulations, Eric. Make a difference in your last year at UCLA. You won’t be too far from where you want to be!

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