Are You A Financial Dumb Ass? Be Honest With Yourself To Get Rich

Financial Dumbass

Every now and again, I stumble across something that makes me wonder, “Are you a financial dumb ass?” Someone forwarded me a post from a year ago where a PF blogger spent $60,000 on a luxury car right after revealing his net worth was only $55,000! He clearly violated my 1/10th rule for car buying everyone should follow.

I mean seriously, is that not a little messed up or what?  It's almost as dumb as a minimalist owning multiple Apple products, a health nut who smokes and drinks soda, a vegan who wears leather shoes, and an evangelist who embezzles millions from you.

When I innocently asked why he spent more on his car than his entire family's net worth, another commenter responded that it was because the blogger wanted to save money by spending money so he wouldn't have money left over every month to spend.  Huh?  What?  Hmmmmm. That's just dumb.

Let's Not Be A Financial Dumb Ass Any More

The barriers to entry for being a personal finance blogger are really low. Just look at all the dumb things on this sight for example!  The hurdle is so low that you can write about amazingly stupid financial moves, and still have a nice readership following.

You can literally write about anything and proclaim you have the keys to wealth, without being wealthy yourself yet. In 2009, Iwas inspired by Ramit Sethi, who wrote a book on how to be rich as an inexperienced 26-year-old! Now he’s plenty rich and selling $2,000+ e-courses on how to make money online. The point is, don’t wait until you are an expert to start. Start and figure things out on the way.

You can write about the detriments of home ownership, while never having owned a home. You can rag about how idiotic politicians waste our hard-earned money without ever having stepped in their shoes. Whatever the case may be, all of you should consider starting your own blogs and get rich!

Don't let honor and pride get in the way of doing what you want. This was my biggest mistake when trying to grow Financial Samurai. I thought I needed the firsthand experience and expertise before writing about something. Instead, I should have just written about anything and hired a bunch of freelancers like many of my competitors to grow! Well, better late than never to realize my mistakes.

We have blogs about how to blog. We have blogs making a lot of money teaching others how to make a lot of money blogging. There are blogs out there that talk about blogs that talk about blogs! There are even self-proclaimed social media and self-help gurus. 

They better have the bomb ass life or else I ain't listening to them!  There are blogs that talk about relationships and marriage by single people who've never been married. There are bloggers who making $30,000+ a month who still pretend to write like they are poor as to not alienate their readers.

The point is, we are free to do whatever we please.  So long as we have an opinion, there will be those who will want to listen to what you have to say.

My Own Financial Dumb Ass Mistakes And More

Frankly, I love financial dumb ass posts. They makes me laugh and want to comment profusely.  I've got a lot of dumb posts that have engendered a lot of conversation. 

One of my favorites is, “How To Increase Your Job Security For Life“.  What an idiotic idea, making babies to save yourself from a layoff! Or is it?  Kids are not only a great unemployment insurance, they must also be very cheap, otherwise you would never see poor families with multiple kids.

I've talked about how we should implement a flat tax system so that everybody has skin in the game to help our nation thrive. Seriously, what kind of dumb ass system is a flat tax where everybody pays an equal percentage of their income to taxes above a certain poverty threshold? It doesn't make sense that those who make less, pay less and those who make more pay more with a flat tax.

It's such a financial dumb ass proposal that the post garnered well over a hundred comments saying how stupid it is! Let's only make the top 50% of income earners pay for everything, since only the top 50% of income earners use all our governments resources.

Why would anybody bother saving any money for retirement when we have the government to provide us a safety net?  We've got 99 weeks of unemployment benefits, fantastic pensions, social security and medicare.  If it was up to me, we'd employ the 5-year unemployment program called the “Shock & Awe Yeah” (SAY)!  We've got a government who can't stop spending the top 50% income earner's money on everybody, so let it rain baby! 

More Financial Dumb Ass Ideas

Who are the cheapos who don't live it up and don't spend everything they earn?  Life is short and we can die tomorrow.  There's no point working if you don't spend.  If the government safety system doesn't work, you can always find yourself a working spouse!

So many people decided to convert to a ROTH IRA in 2010. Can you believe that people voluntarily decided to pay taxes to a government whose spending is out of control? The more money you give the government, the more they will spend on things that won't benefit you!  Come on folks, please be aware of all the disadvantages of a Roth IRA. Be smarter and not a financial dumb ass!

Converters and contributors of a ROTH IRA believe that when it comes to paying taxes during retirement, they will be making more money during retirement than when working (???) largely because they will have accumulated 20-40X their average lifetime income!  When people are struggling to save just 10X their annual income in retirement, these patriots think they can accumulate double to quadruple.  Hmmmm.

And then there's Alexandra Wallace.  She is a dumb ass for making a public rant that could potentially offend 2 billion people!  Doesn't she know that her name will be forever linked to someone who hates Asians?  The majority of all employers will Google your name just to make sure nothing crazy comes up. 

She must be a trust fund baby, because she's going to have a tough time finding a full-time job unless she wipes her identity clean and changes her name.

Ok, ok. Let me share my financial dumb ass mistakes.

My $350 dumb ass chair massage.

Just recently, I went to park at a local drugstore parking lot in the middle of the day.  The lot has a 1 hour time limit so I figured I'd go to the bank to deposit some cash money and then hop on over to the Chair Massage Store and get a free back rub before buying my sundries. 

I sunk my way in one of those ridiculously priced $6,000 leather machines and kicked back enjoying a massage I would have paid $80 for otherwise. The clerk literally let me keep on going for 45 minutes!  All was wonderful until I got back to the parking lot 1 hour 20 minutes later to find Moose GONE! WTF!

The parking Nazi called the tow company on the 55th minute mark and it ended up costing me $350 to go rescue Moose!  What a burn!  I'm such a dumb ass!

$30,000 for hope, which is not a strategy.

I remember losing some $30,000 (roughly 25%) in a gas trading company because I overly concentrated my risk on one stock and foolishly thought gas prices, and therefore its stock price would rebound.  Well, they didn't and I had to pull the rip chord in late 2006 only after three months of holding. 

If had bought a more regular size position and had a stop loss, I would have lost only about $10,000.  At least I wasn't the only casualty as Amaranth Capital lost US$6 billion betting the same way.  Damn, that was an ugly dumb ass trade!

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A $200,000+ vacation property mistake.

I once had the idea of buying vacation properties all over the world, to relax all over the world, while making an income as well during retirement.  It's a decent idea if everything stays stable, but of course the real estate market blew up.  I realized I was in the midst of things blowing up, and the trader in me couldn't resist buying a place $115,000 cheaper than what the owner had bought the place for just a year ago. 

Well guess what?  The place went down another $100,000 + a year later because the mortgage market for vacation properties dried up and nobody could get a loan!  The mortgage market has since thawed out a little, and the rents do cover most of the costs, but damn I should have waited just one year longer, or at least bought after seeing an uptick. 

Although I never plan to sell, I'm still a dumb ass idiot for buying too soon.  At least I'll have some fond memories while I'm up there! Note: I classify vacation property differently than rental property.  One is a luxury + rental income, the other is purely for income.

Don't Be A Dummy If You Want To Get Ahead

No matter how perfect one seems, know that they have a lot of dumb ass in them.  This is the reason why you should never give up.  There will be openings at work, in relationships, and in life where you just have to pounce when mishaps happen.  Eventually, it will be your turn to be a dumb ass and the reverse will happen so don't feel guilty.

It really doesn't take much to get ahead. You just have to be a little bit smarter, and a little bit savvier than the dumb ass person next to you. At the same time, you need to always appear dumber and more aloof than you really are. 

Personal finance is really straight forward. Yet, you see a lot of stupid activity anyway. My advice to you is to secretly do all the right things. 

Can someone tell me whether I should go buy a $2.6 million Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4 now?  A company expense perhaps? Thanks!

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59 thoughts on “Are You A Financial Dumb Ass? Be Honest With Yourself To Get Rich”

  1. Dumbest move for my wife and I was getting a Whole Life policy before checking all the facts to see if it would be the right move for us. (the financial advisor said it was and was fired up when we cancelled the policy a few months after we started it) We also did some dumb stuff with credit cards for 5 or 6 years and finally got that monkey off our backs. You have to do the boneheaded stuff to mature to the point where you can make good decisions. Still young though so there is plenty of time to make some more bad ones.

  2. Before I say what I am about to say, let me put the disclaimer out there that I get press preview access to the NY Auto Show before the public does and I get to sit in and try out all sorts of expensive cars that I could never afford to pay for.
    Go ahead and buy the damn Bugatti! It’s one SWEET ass ride to go with your dumb ass advice.
    All in good fun Sam.

  3. my biggest dumb ass mistake has been having only a single bank account (checking and savings). i have a high paying job and still live at home. so basically all this time where i could have been saving loads of money i instead spent and spent and spent from my bottomless piggy bank.

    i dont regret my spending, but i do realize that it was pretty dumb ass. trying to change my habits now though =)

  4. MacroCheese

    I invested $4,500 in WAMU stock when it was plummeting in 2008 because I somehow convinced myself that it was violently oversold. I clearly didn’t do much fundamental research.

    My wife will never let me forget that move and I still have an open wound from trying to catch that knife.

    And oh yeah, I’m still holding the blade on some FMCC, too.


  5. Many moons ago in university I was not aware (because I didn’t bother to read it) that my credit card began charging interest on cash withdrawals immediately. That was pretty dumb of me.

  6. I used to make all kinds of bad choices before I started getting my stuff together. Thankfully, I haven’t had any missteps to speak about in the last ten years. About the most wasteful thing I did was pay for my employers insurance plan which is about five times more expensive than my partners. But we’re in process of getting me on her plan so I can start saving the difference.

    The only painful thing that has happened was last year when I made my first stock buy. I got in two days before the flash crash. My investment lost half of its value in a matter of minutes and took months to recover. But I held on and it ended up working out. That wasn’t really my fault, though. No one could have predicted that event.

  7. Haven’t commented here for some time now, but have definitely enjoyed reading the comments that others have made about this post. My biggest mistake was my thirty-year mortgage that I’ve been chasing to get away from.

    The more I save in order to re-finance it into a fifteen or twelve year rate, the more the property value goes down. I think I need about 50K right now since it would be considered an investment property as I no longer live in it. Investment property, ha. I hate banks, and my dumb ass mistake.

  8. I received a offer from a company to move to Maryland. As part of the “offer” was a one page document that said I would receive 1/2 of my salary if my job was eliminated with the first year or so. I should have had an independent lawyer look at it and redraft it.

    I didn’t. The company was sold and I realized that this “offer” would not hold up in court–my $30K mistake.

  9. Glad you haven’t blown yourself up like i have! How many years are you removed out of school now? I would have loved to take a year off after school to work on some humanitarian mission or just go Eurorailing….. I had 2 months… better than a poke in the eye!

  10. Wow, the cost of a parking ticket and getting your car towed in San Fran is crazy! Here it’s only about $75 but it still sucks.

    Hmm dumbass moves on my part- I invested in a penny stock that I couldn’t let go and I still have yet to let it go. I’m down $1200.

  11. I’ve had my share of dumbass moves. My early investments were DRIP accounts with the likes of Lucent and GE. I promptly lost 95% and 50% while holding those through the crash.

    I then was too dumb or lazy to research our healthcare plans at work and stuck with 90/10 POS instead of HMO and paid about $3000 more out of pocket than I should have when we had our first kid. To add insult to injury, I did it again for our second kid, who came with several complications, so the bill was even higher. 3rd kid? $250 in HMO…

  12. I actually have wondered sometimes about how weird to think about making money on a blog by telling others how to make money on a blog! Talk about working in loops! But, those blogs do have some good followings. Probably the dumbest move I ever made was to invest in several penny stocks when I just got started investing back in 2004.

  13. Oh let’s see, I have so many of these. Most of mine are based on horrible timing!

    1st – During the dot com boom I got in on the tail end only to be unemployed one year after being hired. My timing just stunk!
    2nd – After the dot com boom 10 years ago CA was looking for teachers on almost every street corner. Oh, but Nooooo, I didn’t want a job then. I was such a dumb ass!
    3rd – Co-created a mobile web portal only one year before iPhone appeared. Stupid ass move. Nobody cares.
    4th – I knew the housing market was going to crash (really, I did.) But did I start saving money for a down payment for when it finally crashed? nope.

    As you can see, most of my dumb ass moves are timing based. Better ask me now what I think the next “big thing” is. I’m great at predicting them, but horrible at actually getting in on them.

    1. Pls do tell what the next big thing is?! As far as I can tell, it’s the social media bubbly BUBBLE, but maybe there’s something else my hot money can chase?

      Buying property now is a no-brainer for someone looking and who is financially prepared. I’ve been looking for a good value rental in a prime SF location for the past year and it’s hard to find!

      1. I was going to say the rental real estate market, but you already figured that one out. ;( I do also think that rent is going to go up over the next few years with renters’ flooding the market.

        Another possible bubble may be digital streaming now that Blockbuster is pretty much belly up (although there are some complications with this one.) But this might be on a smaller scale like the social media bubble which I hadn’t thought about.

        I’d like to say green energy, but this was is so far away (like 20+ years I think) that I’m now just speculating.

        Those are my thoughts. On a side note, I am NOT a financial analyst, I’ve just been good in the past predicting the bubbles. ;)

        1. K, sounds good! Rents are up about 5-10% in SF over the past 12 months. I think they go up another 5-10% this year as the economy rumbles back and all the social media companies start going public, raising property prices further and locking out more people from buying.

          Let’s go bubbly bubble!

  14. My first big ass mistake was lending money to people I dated. I did it not once but twice.

    My second big ass mistake was having all my retirement tied up in my company stock. (Not all of this was in my control. it was the only option for a long time for my 401K plan until my company was sold)

    My 3rd and largest big ass mistake was realizing it before the crash and hiring an inept financial planner to diversify my assets. I knew I had to take action but didn’t have the time to allocate to doing things properly, so I farmed it out. He kept “waiting for my stock to recover” before selling…so I paid him for 1% for 6 months to do very little and watch my portfolio go down the drain at a much faster rate than what the market was losing (thankfully it recovered a lot after I took control again). Thank god I still had a long way to retirement. I feel bad for this guy’s older clients.

    Yeah, I have plenty of dumb things I did. I guess at the heart of it, I figured if I just saved every pay check the rest would take care of itself. Now I know it is very important to be an active and diversified investor.

    I guess my 4th ass mistakes is admitting all this.

    1. Thnx FGA! Admitting them isn’t a mistake, it’s cathartic. You inspired me to add a $30K and $100K mistake to my post. It feels good sharing my losses, but not my wins. Interesting huh?

      Isn’t your fault your adviser didn’t do anything. You were thinking ahead for the good of your finances!

  15. My financial dumb ass recurring mistakes is riding a loss down without selling with the intent of things coming back. Of course the greater the loss the more you have to make an outsized return to get back to even.

    But I am learning from being a dumb ass. And that is what life is about, learning from your mistakes.

    In fact mistakes are the key to learning but it is important to shorten the cycle of learning to minimize the pain.

    For example, as a child you want to learn a healthy respect for hot things by grabbing a hot pan and burning your hand. You feel a lot of pain and will always remember this and will heal so it’s a good cycle of learning. It would be much worse to learn the same lesson but have 3rd degree burns over most of your body.

    So go ahead, be a (financial) dumb ass but learn from your mistakes and keep moving on.


  16. Getting your car towed is bad, but my idiot partner got our catering truck towed! The catering truck was supposed to be on a movie shoot! When he went to drive it, it was gone. The first though was someone stole it. This is when bad goes to worse! When you go to retrieve it, you need cash and a lot of it. These kinds of “dumb ass” mistakes bother me a lot because you are paying for something that did not have to happen. This was just the beginning of dumb ass situations with this guy, we went our separate ways within a year. The only good news was I made a lot of money from the company and a lot of grief with the partner.

  17. I owed my parents some money but I couldn’t remember exactly how much I owed them, I put a *signed* blank check in the mail to them. DUMB ASS!!

    1. What happenned? How much did they put in? Did you have a fight about it? Did you get your money back?

      1. oh yeah, they didn’t try to pull a fast one on me. The pickle would have been
        if the mail was intercepted and some random person then had a blank signed check in their
        hands! Oye vey. Still makes me cringe. I think I win the dumb ass award, for sure.

  18. Money Reasons

    I’m purfect, I never make mistakes (lol)

    I’m made my share of mistakes, but compared to most of my friends (minus the next door millionaire type), I’ve done pretty good overall. I’m not rich yet, but the night is still young.

    That a very interesting take on a Roth IRA, it’s not very obvious (the part about most people wouldn’t have 20 to 30 times their earning income)… I have a Roth, but I’m hoping to never use it, I want to pass it to my kids. So for me, I hope it will be a inheritance of sorts… Unless I need it for a $60,000 luxury car to save money.

    Thanks for an entertaining read! :)

  19. Kay Lynn @ Bucksome Boomer

    Maybe the reason a lot of us start blogs is to keep us from making as many dumb mistakes as usual?

    I did have to stop reading one PF blog because the writer kept making so many financial mistakes over and over. It’s boring if you don’t make any progress.

    1. Blogging definitely helps lessen the amount of money we spent on superfluous things. Writing about joining a private tennis club for $10,000 helped me think through all the pros and cons. Hence, PF blogging is definitely good for us financially!

  20. I don’t have enough time to list all my dumb-ass maneuvers. I do have a couple of signature moves though: whenever I install curtain rods for Mrs. 101, I invariably manage to install one bracket upside down. Same goes for changing door locks.

      1. No financial mistakes? If only….
        How about signing up for internet connection in a rural setting, and neglecting
        to notice that there were separate charges for megabytes of download (this in the
        days of dial-up connections). What I thought should have been a couple
        hundred bucks a month turned into a $1500 bill the first month… at a time we
        could ill afford it.
        This is just one example.
        I got lots.

  21. This post was good for a laugh- as a financial blog reader, and a blogger myself- I have seen and done a few stupid things!

    I’ve blogged about saving money with using the libraries instead of buying books…this semester I really slacked off and ended up OWING MONEY in fees. I got out of 1 $13 fee because of a clerical error with the library..while I still will have saved money on school books by using a library, I still have almost defeated the purpose of using the library- FREE books. Durp.

    I also went on a 30-day No Shopping Challenge. I had to do it twice (successful the second time, yay!) but the first time, I rebounded HARD. It doesn’t do you any good to go without shopping if you’re just going to relapse into bad spending habits. Luckily this time, I had better self control!

    1. On the scale of things Shannyn, owing $13 bucks and failing at your 30-day No Shopping Challenge ain’t so bad! Sounds like you are one of the more disciplined financial folks!

      1. Haha, well I’m not married yet and I don’t have kids, and I haven’t done any homeowner stuff- give me time sensei, give me time…lol

        Bigger risks=bigger fails ;)

        But I do love that I have a friend that spends money playing World of Warcraft so he doesn’t spend his “real money buying junk” lol… Ya, I enjoy gaming myself, but I don’t see much difference in spending money for online junk as opposed to real life junk. Oh, and he carries a balance so it “helps his credit” even though he has money to pay off his card in full each month… maybe a small revolving balance is fine once in awhile, but a 5k balance isn’t wise!

  22. I try and preach safe investments, and to invest with your head and not your heart. That being said, awhile back I sunk a few thousand into Flagstar bank because because they overhauled management and I used them at the time, and I really enjoy their customer service. Unfortunately, I ignored their balance sheet problems and in the end I wrote off my capital losses after the stock plummeted about 75%

  23. Great post Sam. That sucks about your car getting towed. One of the dumb ass things I did was ignoring my parents debt problems for about ten years. I figured they were adults and could figure things out on their own, and that their problems would eventually go away and I didn’t need to get involved. Of course the opposite happened and their problems grew and became my problems when they started asking me for money. Doh! I’m glad to help them out with what I can I just wish I didn’t ignore their problems in the beginning as I could have helped them out sooner with planning and things might not be as bad now.

    The other dumb ass thing I did once was wait until the last minute to write a check to pay property tax one year and forgot to transfer over enough money from my savings account to cover the debit. The check bounced, I missed the tax payment deadline, and I got hit with a 5% penalty! Having to pay penalties on taxes is beyond awful.

    1. Hmmmm… that is a big problem we should probably write more about if we have parents who don’t handle their money well. They took care of us, so it’s only right to help take care of them. That said, it’s hard to do much right out of college when we ourselves are trying to figure out our own finances! The important thing is that you are there for them now.

      Sorry about the property tax thing. :(

  24. Well put Sam. I just have to be a little less dumb that the guy next to me at work. hahaha. :)
    The tow truck companies are getting up there with car salesman and lawyers. We visited San Diego last year and stayed at the Gas Lamp district. One evening, we got back to the hotel and parked as usual and went out to eat. The next morning, the car was towed! WTF, they were having a farmer market and the a little no parking sign is posted on the light post. I guess if I looked around more, I would have seen it, but come on. I call these kind of mistakes tourist tax.

    1. Joe, it really is the secret! Just be a little less dumb than the donkey next to you and you will soar! Sorry about your car. That sucks and of course, I know the feeling!

    2. Money Reasons

      That’s a great name “Tourist Tax“, love it!

      I hate that too, the local government will have a sign that you may or may not see during the day, but at night it’s practically impossible to see. Then later they get you!!! I’ve been lucky so far, but one of these days, I’m going to get nabbed too!

      1. It’s like the speed limit changing from 65 to 35 all of a sudden in some dinky down in the middle of nowhere. It’s that town’s best revenue source! I’ve seen so many of these incidents happen while driving around West Virginia a long time ago.

  25. The biggest dumb ass mistake I ever made was buying a 1998 Chevy Malibu – I bought almost exclusively because I had been using a GM credit card and had $2,200 in points.

    It was hate almost from the first minute I had the car. Really bad gas mileage was the first thing I disliked – it was a V6 as the V4 for this car was really bad.

    3 1/2 year after purchasing this car a gasket to the tranmission leaks and it cost $950 to fix about $50 for the gasket and $900 for labor.

    I traded this car in after 6 years when it had about 55,000 miles and I got $2,200 as a trade in when I had purchased this car for about $20,000. (This was real money the trade in as I bought at a no haggle place and they would have given me the $2,200 in cash even if I did not purchase – small good point.

    I then bought a Honda Accord – 6 years later I had spent virtually nothing on this car and it runs great still.

    No more letting the tail wag the dog related to car purchases!

  26. mike crosby

    Here’s my dumb ass move that I just found out about this week.

    I’ve been paying $19.95 per month to a company called since around 2004. They sent me an initial check for something like $3.50. I cashed it. Since I get a lot of checks, I just stamp the back and away they go to the bank. Well on this one, there was this contract right above where I sign the check. They started taking out automatically $19.95/month from my checking account. I just caught it this week. I’m supposing this mistake cost me around $2000.

    1. Mike,

      Could you post some more details? Did you get anything for this $19.95 a month? Were they taking money from your checking account/charging a credit card? How did you not nice this for 7 years? Are you pissed? Anything else you would like to post.



      1. mike crosby

        David, the $3.50 check came in the mail years ago, and I actually remember
        when I got it. I have my own appliance repair business, so what I did
        is just stamp the back of the check like I do with all my other checks. When
        I finally called the company,, this week they faxed me the
        check along with my stamp on the back of the check. Right above my
        stamp in small print is the contract that allows them to get into my
        bank account and automatically deduct money from my account.

        The reason it took so long for me to deal with the situation was two
        reasons: I was paying for my wife’s mom’s earthlink account and I
        thought that is what it was probably about, and the other reason is
        my lack of diligence.

        Am I pissed? Yes. It’s been building since it has happened. the utter
        helplessness I felt when originally talking to an employee and asking
        him what the charges were about and what exactly was his company,
        I felt powerless, that this could happen without my control.

        My next stop is to my bank on Monday to see exactly how far back
        I’ve been paying. My bank online lets me go back only 18 months,
        and I see that they’ve been charging me $19.95 every month.

        The service they offer is supposedly a dial up service and get this,
        they provide protection so you don’t get ripped off. Go “google” ripoff and you’ll see more about this scam. Evidently,
        some yellow pages company does the same thing.

        1. Mike,

          Thanks for replying to my post.

          I’m amazed that they could find a copy of the check after all these years!

          Hopefully your post will save others from this company.


  27. Srinivas Rao

    I’m guessing the car towing had something do with the San Francisco DPT. I’ve always said thsoe guys should put up a statue in my honor for the amount of money I’ve spent on them over the years. I thought your job security by having more kids comment was pretty damn funny. AS far as the buying a 60,000 dollar car when you only have 55,000 there’s really nothing I can say that would do it justice. I lived beyond my means for a long time. It was only when I stopped doing that did I find myself in a position where I’m not continually stressed about money. As far as minimalists owning apple products, I’m not a minimalist, but I like my apple products since they seem to fit my needs. The other day I was thinking about getting an ipad when i’m in NYC and I thought “I don’t really need this so why would I buy it.” To answer your ultimate question I’ve been a dumbass from time to time.

    1. Yeah, SF is broke, so they are totally parking Nazis. It was my fault technically, so it is what it is. Hence, I just chalk it up to having a $350 over priced massage.

      Glad you right-sized your finances! It’s easy spend beyond our means in our 20s.

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