Blue Nile Review: Buying An Engagement Ring Online

Blue Nile Review

Are you wondering if it’s safe to buy an engagement ring online? If you use online retailer Blue Nile, the answer is yes. In this Blue Nile review, we'll cover highlights on the company's background and explore the shopping experience.

Blue Nile Review On Buying Engagement Rings

When it comes to buying an engagement ring online, is the most trusted online retailer. They offer free returns and exchanges with exceptionally reliable customer service.

Is Buying An Engagement Ring From Blue Nile Safe?

Online shopping is incredibly convenient. It's no wonder that sites like have completely changed how people shop for day to day items and gifts. But shopping online for one of the most expensive and important purchases you'll make – an engagement ring – probably feels a lot different.

Rest assured that buying an engagement ring online isn't just a recent trend that could dry up. It was Purchasing an engagement ring online is actually becoming increasingly popular. This was the case before the pandemic, during the pandemic, and post pandemic.

Our research in preparing this Blue Nile review found that buying an engagement ring online is more reliable than ever. Blue Nile was the first to sell diamonds online in 1999 and is the largest online jeweler. 

The most popular reasons people decide to buy an engagement ring online are:

  1. Better pricing
  2. Convenience of browsing online
  3. Privacy and no sales reps in your face
  4. Ease of building a custom ring

Blue Nile's Build Your Own Ring feature is a major highlight of the brand that couples love. I'll cover more about it below. As for the safety of buying an engagement ring from Blue Nile, here are some of the key reasons why it's secure.

  • Returns are free
  • 100% of their diamonds are conflict free
  • No sales tax except for addresses in NY, VA and WA
  • Diamond price matching
  • Free lifetime warranty
  • Free secure, insured and fast shipping
  • Free gift packaging
  • Financing and jewelry insurance options
  • Live chat for extended hours 7 days a week
  • 24/7 phone service & calls are answered in 10 seconds or less
  • Commission free service

Build Your Own Ring – Blue Nile's Custom Ring Builder

Customized engagement rings have skyrocketed in popularity. Being able to tell your fiancé that you built a custom, 100% unique ring is incredibly special and memorable. Blue Nile makes it super easy to make a custom engagement ring that doesn't cost a fortune. And you can do it all from the convenience of home or even at work!

Here's a look into our Blue Nile review of their custom ring builder. How does Blue Nile's Build Your Own Ring feature work?

You can either start by selecting a diamond, then a setting, and then size the ring. Or you can start by selecting a setting first, then pick the perfect diamond, and then size the ring.

Don't panic if you don't know what ring size to get. You can get a free ring sizer mailed to your house or print out their size guide.

  • Blue Nile provides complimentary resizing for Build Your Own Rings®, and Diamond Bands when within the manufacturer's recommended sizing range, during the first year.

Select An Engagement Ring Setting

Here's an example of how you can build a custom engagement ring by selecting a setting first. There are over 300 settings to choose from. I have selected a few filters to start narrowing down my search.

Blue Nile Select Setting

Available setting filters include:

  • Price
  • Metal (Platinum, White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold)
  • Material (Diamond, Gemstone, Plain Metal)
  • Ring Style (ex. Halo, Pave, Infinity, Sidestone, Vintage, Solitaire, Has Matching Band, etc.)
  • Metal Karat
  • Band Width
  • Designer
  • Ring Size

You can view the settings in detail like the below. I love the Studio Empress French Pave setting. The 360 degree view video is a great way to get a close look at what the setting looks like. You can also play around with different stones shapes at this stage and see how the look changes in the video.

Blue Nile Studio Empress French Pave

Once you find a setting you like, continue to the next step to pick out a diamond.

Select A Diamond For Your Custom Engagement Ring

There are many convenient filters to narrow down the selection for your diamond. Here's a screenshot of all of them.

Blue Nile Select Diamond
  • 360 View Available
  • ASTOR Diamonds cut for brilliance (Blue Nile's top of the line diamonds)
  • Shape
  • Price
  • Carat
  • Cut
  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Polish
  • Symmetry
  • Flourescence
  • Depth
  • Table
  • L/W Ratio
  • Price Per Carat
  • Cutlet
  • Delivery Date
Blue Nile Astor Collection

You can examine diamonds up close to see how they look at different angles. There is also a comparison feature that lets you compare multiple diamonds side by side. It's a great way to help narrow down your search.

Blue Nile Compare Diamonds

Once you find a diamond you love, click Add To Your Ring, select your ring size and then you're ready to complete your purchase. If you have any questions during the process, Blue Nile has excellent customer service by phone (24/7), live chat, and email.

Being able to browse for engagement rings, compare prices, and build your own custom ring right from home or anywhere you have internet access without the pressure of a salesperson staring at you the whole time is super convenient and takes the stress out of it.

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Blue Nile Pros & Cons For Purchasing An Engagement Ring

Our Blue Nile Review wouldn't be complete without covering all the pros and cons of buying an engagement ring online. Here's a detailed look at the pros and cons.


  • First and largest online diamond jeweler
  • Price matching
  • Comes with a free lifetime warranty
  • Lower prices 20-40% less than traditional jewelers
  • Guaranteed conflict free diamonds
  • Not commission based
  • Secure shipping is always free
  • Over 150,000 diamonds to choose from vs a few hundred at traditional jewelers
  • Every item passes a rigorous series of inspections
  • Astor signature collection
  • Build Your Own Ring feature
  • Extensive search filters and comparison features
  • 360 Degree view videos and images
  • Gift packaging is free
  • 1.5% Discount for payments by bank wire
  • Promotions such as $100 off for joining their newsletter
  • Free returns
  • Diamond upgrade program
  • Financing and jewelry insurance options 
  • Live, reliable customer service
  • Authenticity certified, GIA graded
  • Complimentary inspection and cleaning


  • Some diamonds don’t have 360 Degree View videos
  • Limited showroom locations (Salem, NH; Garden City, NY; White Plains, NY; Portland, OR; Tysons Corner, VA; Bellevue, WA) 
  • Some other retailers have more settings, but Blue Nile’s ~300 is plenty to choose from imo

Overall, shopping for an engagement ring online couldn't be easier or more secure than with Blue Nile. Need some inspiration? Check out their Engagement Rings page to see what's most popular today.

As the oldest and largest online jeweler, you can rest assured their customer service has your back and their website makes it easy, secure, and convenient to find the perfect engagement ring for the love of your life. Learn more and browse what Blue Nile has to offer.

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