Dealing With Racism: Understanding Why And A Solution

If you're a minority, dealing with racism isn't something new. Third year political science major, Alexandra Wallace made an offensive video rant against Asians. She's now leaving UCLA, which has a 37% Asian population. Smart, because she'd probably get seriously hurt, or harassed for the rest of her time there if she stayed.

My main question is, how could someone from a good school like UCLA post a public, racist rant on a forum which could attract millions of viewers as a political science major??? 

Aren't poli-sci majors supposed to be super careful about their persona if they ever want to get elected into public office?  Maybe not. Look at all the politicians in office we have now.

Dealing With Racism – Why Are There Racists?

* Lack of education. This has to be the #1 reason why people are racist.  If you only speak one language well, have never lived overseas, have never traveled overseas, and live in a very homogeneous environment, you don't have the education or perspective to understand different cultures.  60%+ of Americans don't have a passport, and we Americans are cursed with the fact that English is the main international language.  As a result, we don't try as hard to understand other cultures because we don't have to.

* We blame others for our problems. Alexandra is stressing due to finals and is taking out her anger and frustration on someone else.  We like to blame others for us not being able to get into college, get the job, get a promotion, or find love.  It's easier that way.  Instead, we should STFU and try harder and focus on how we can improve ourselves.

* We have low self-esteem. The Girls Gone Wild producers are already calling Alexandra Wallace to see if she will audition, no joke.  Can you see why?  With the way Alexandra is seeking attention with her video and her entire ensemble, it's not hard to believe she has very low self-esteem.

* We are inherently evil. Perhaps we are just born this way, and can't help ourselves. It goes back to the nature vs. nurture question. I'm of the belief “nature” is but a 30% minority to why we are who we are today. Our parents and our environment is what really shapes us to be who we are. I don't believe we are inherently evil and blaming our genes for being out of shape, not smart, racist is just a poor bullshit excuse.


The first thing to do is to become introspective as to why you are a racist.  Ask yourself whether you lack the understanding, self-confidence, and general education.  If so, get busy because your racist tendencies will prevent you from getting anywhere.

Alexandra Wallace will NEVER have a career because her name will always be associated with her racial rant which any employer will find offensive. Do you think any Asian person who knows about Alexandra Wallace will ever want to hire her or give her a chance? Unlikely.

If Alexandra decides to start a business, do you think an Asian person will buy any of her products except for the Girls Gone Wild videos? Unlikely. In essence, Alexandra has a large uphill battle, and potentially 2.5 billion enemies in the world.

If you are a racist, watch Dr. Martin Luther King's full video and start contemplating before it's too late.

After you're done watching, really consider learning a second language well.  By learning a second language, you not only learn how to communicate with new people, you also learn so much about that language's culture. 

From learning honorific verb forms, to the origins of how characters are drawn, Japanese and Chinese are amazingly powerful languages that helps you from becoming a racist. 

The languages are based on a concept called “filial piety”, where respect for one's elders is tantamount.  Once you adopt filial piety, you will start not only respecting your elders, but also people from other cultures as well.


We all have a right to say whatever we want in America.  It's our 1st amendment right.  However, we should all be aware that our words have consequences that we must live by, forever.  It really is too bad Alexandra Wallace is racist, because she's brought so much hardship and shame on herself and her family.

Perhaps someday, Alexandra will realize it's probably better to keep her thoughts private, and be more understanding of other people.  I am very dismayed we consistently have so much hate in our community. We all have pet peeves, idiosyncrasies that may annoy others, and so forth.  But, for goodness sake, keep your evil to yourself and perhaps do some good!

Dealing with racism is such an annoying and painful experience. I wish everyone got a chance at dealing with racism to make racism go away.


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Readers, why do you think people are racists?  Have you ever encountered racism growing up or in the workplace?  What did you do to address the issue?  Should Alexandra be forgiven?  Will she ever get a respectable job?

Alexandra's video is no longer available, but here is a good spirited retort.

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64 thoughts on “Dealing With Racism: Understanding Why And A Solution”

  1. I think racism is learned. I am a man of mixed heritage and I have encountered racism from people of many different races. I have also learned racism from my parents. The emotional wounds of learning this sick thinking has affected my life greatly. Especially on days when I am not feeling very secure or comfortable in my own “skin” I find that people who are generally racist are people who as mentioned in your opinion piece are un-educated, insecure or are just blaming others for their own unhappiness which makes me sad because they may be unaware of how they are affecting others around them. I know this Korean guy at the corner store that I frequent who I have felt treats me differently because of the ways he talks about people with darker skin. On a good day I just nod and move on, on a not so good day I tend to take it personal. By him acting like a racist I do not trust him. He’s hot n cold. But I understand this sick behaviour because I have those sick messages in my head as well. It really is sad. However I work hard on changing my inner self-talk and learning to practice the principles I hold true such as tolerance, patience, acceptance, compassion and so on. Not easy to do cause I am human and bound to fail sometimes. But I keep working at it. Hopefully this shop keeper can learn to be more aware of his self-talk and learn to change it. It would help! =)

    1. Billy, I think you are right. The environment shapes us, and I don’t think we are born racist. It comes from our parents and our friends and perpetuates itself down for generations until someone wakes up and says, racism must stop.

  2. @Kevin @
    Yeah because our society has such a disgusting, discrimatory history against jocks and a video expressing jock-hate would be such a disheartening reminder to all jocks in this nation that they are still being discriminated against in the most distasteful way. Aquire some common sense please. Mocking Jock-speak is NOT on the same caliber as “CHING CHONG LING LONG TING TONG”. Also, being an Asian (whether you like it or not) defines the very realities of your life in America. And you of course don’t have a choice in the matter. Can you with a bold face claim the same for jocks to even he slightest degree?

  3. Just because you ignore racism it doesn’t make it non-existent. The people who make claims like yours belong to the priveleged majority in this country who almost are never made to feel conscious about their race. Bluntly speaking, white people. You have no experience what it’s like to be a non-white in this country. Our society is still racist and you have racist tendencies just like everyone else believe it or not.

  4. @Dan B
    Racism in Asia is wrong and racism in America is also definitely wrong. What is the point of this comment? Just because YOU didn’t find this video offensive it doesn’t mean the rest of the Asian-American community is overreacting. Why the heck are you even holding Americans tithe same standards as Asians? Racism from Hong Kong and America are derived from totally different historical and cultural roots.

  5. Financial Independence

    I think it is purely cultural differences. There clash between west and east.

    West is atomized society of individuals, while Asians are still fairly interconnected and go like a herd together.

    You can treat it with education, but clearly there are differences between the societies.

    The differences will stay and get worse over the period of time. This is one of the set backs of globalization. It will take a few hundred years to overcome.

  6. It really is a brilliant and catch song! Good on Jimmy for making light of the situation.

    Everybody has had racist thoughts! Just not everybody is stupid enough to broadcast it to the world, especially a world where the population is 37% Asian as is the case at UCLA!

  7. Interesting post. However, I can’t agree completely with it. I’m an Asian-American who grew up and went to college in the Pacific Northwest, and I know that Asian-Americans have their gripes against white people. For you Asian-Americans out there pointing your finger at Ms. Wallace, how many times have you joked or made fun of white people or heard your Asian-American friends do the same using the following comments: “White people are dirty because they don’t take their shoes when in the house”; “White folks have no cultural manners; they always put soy sauce on their rice and sugar in their tea”; “White people have no respect for elders, they just put them in a nursing home”; “White people don’t love their kids, they kick them out of the house at 18”

    Before anyone (especially Asian-Americans) starts jumping on the Alexandra-Wallace-is-a-racist bandwagon, we should take an “introspective” look into ourselves when we talk about other people, especially when the webcam is off.

      1. Agreed. When I was in college, someone discovered a personal homepage for a freshman girl that had a lot of scandalous photos of her. This was in 2003, pre-facebook days so the whole school was blowing up about it. She ended up transferring out the next term. I think the main point about this Wallace chick is she was stupid enough to post something without thinking about the consequences. We all do it sometimes, and some actions have much worse outcomes than others. For example, I wanted to have an anonymous blog so I wouldn’t have to censor myself, but even with being anonymous I don’t say EVERYTHING that crosses my mind. I would have no readers and just be a big hater. There is a balance in life we have to achieve between speaking our mind and being totally insensitive/careless.

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